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ASA Outreach

The ArcticNet Student Association (ASA) represents several hundred graduate students involved in the ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence. ASA students are mostly located in Canada, with some abroad. The goals of the ASA are to promote learning, leadership, research and networking opportunities betweeen students, academics, governemental partners and northerners. In recent years, the mission has expanded to include education and outreach.

The ASA mostly works by forming partnerships with other outreach organizations, or with schools and educators interested in Arctic science. In recent years, we have successfully organized several outreach events that have involved hundreds of school children. On this page, you can find summaries of our recent events, which include classroom visits, public presentations, simulated fieldwork activities and community visits.

If you are an Arctic scientist who would like to become involved in outreach activities, or if you are a student or school teacher who would like to inquire about hosting an outreach activity please contact the ASA at .

2010 ASA Outreach

Arctic Animal Adaptations
The purpose of this classroom visit is to teach concepts relating to how animals are adapted to surviving in the harsh Arctic climate by using the "blubber glove" as the main activity. This outreach activity targeted students in grades 1-7.

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Arctic Science Day at FortWhyte Alive
The goal of this event included creating an opportunity for high school students to interact with Arctic scientists, introducing students to Arctic research and data collection through the creation of hands-on learning experiences, and creating awareness of careers in science. Students visited 8 different stations including Snow Pits, Ice Cores, Muktuk, Mud, and Fish Heads, Contaminants, Weather, Albedo, Arctic People and the Environment, and GPS Mapping.

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