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School Selection

Spaces for the field program are very limited. For each field program they are distributed nationally and are allocated to schools on a competitive basis. Selection of schools is made based on the school and/or school board's abilities to:

Implement and promote arctic sciences/climate change within their science programs - schools identify the extent they are interested in doing this on the outreach plan that they complete as part of their application.

Coordinate a financial plan with the participant.

Accept the following conditions:

  1. The selected school assumes the responsibility of selecting the successful candidate(s) based on Schools on Board Criteria. Flexibility is provided for the schools to add their own criteria, in order to meet their program needs.
  2. The selected school agrees to work with Schools on Board to ensure adequate preparation of participants for the field program.
  3. The selected school agrees to provide a contact person who will be copied on all correspondence between Schools on Board and the participant(s), and who will assist with the completion and submission of required forms.
  4. The selected school agrees to participate in a conference call between participating schools during the field program.
  5. The selected school agrees to outreach the experiences of their school to the community. Participants prepare a powerpoint presentation during the field program.
  6. The school and/or school board assumes responsibility for collecting the fee based on the following payment schedule: (exact dates will differ with each trip)

    25% down-payment to secure the space – Due 2 weeks after notification.

    50% to accompany submission of successful candidate

    25% final payment – due prior to departure

  7. The selected school accepts that as space is limited, it is not possible to send chaperones or teachers from each participating school. Therefore, students may be required to travel unaccompanied for a portion of the trip.
  8. The selected school and school board accept the risks inherent in this program. Risks include, but are not limited to: air travel (by commercial and chartered carriers); ground transport, ship travel on-board the CCGS Amundsen; and risks associated with working on an icebreaker in Arctic conditions. Detailed University of Manitoba waiver and consent form will be required from participants and parents.

Schools on Board is a program of the University of Manitoba, which operates under strict safety standards required by both the University and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Interested schools can apply to send a student and/or a teacher by completing the School Application & Agreement.

School Application & Agreement


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