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2008 Field Program/IPY CFL – Schools on Board goes International

The IPY-CFL Project

The World expects confirmation of global warming first and strongest in the polar regions of our planet (IPCC, 2004, ACIA, 2005). Observations indicate that the Arctic Ocean and its peripheral seas are presently warming. The extent of Arctic sea ice has shrunk at an average annual rate of about 70,000 km2 per year since 1979 (Barber et al. 2005). Five of the minimum extent years having occurred since 1998 (Serreze et al. 2000), with 2005 being the minimum on instrumental record.

The Circumpolar Flaw Lead (CFL) system study is designed to examine how changes in the physical system affect biological processes. The study examined the importance of climate processes in changing the nature of the flaw lead system in the Northern Hemisphere and the effect these changes have on the marine ecosystem, contaminant transport, carbon fluxes, and the exchange of greenhouse gases across the ocean-sea ice-atmosphere (OSA) interface.

The project over-wintered the new Canadian Research Icebreaker (CCGS Amundsen) within the Banks Island flaw lead, supporting a large Canadian-led international effort to understand how climate variability/change affects marine physical-biological coupling within this system as part of Canada’s contribution to the International Polar Year (IPY). The project involved over 200 researchers from 14 countries. To learn more about this exciting program visit: www.umanitoba.ca/ceos.

An important aspect of the research project, is the communication and education initiatives planned to outreach this exciting research study to the public. The Schools on Board program was pleased to announce its 4th field season onboard this very exciting research program. The 2008 program went ‘global’, offering opportunities for high school students and teachers, and Inuit/Indigenous youth leaders from around the world to participate in an Arctic field expedition on board the Amundsen during the CFL project.

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