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2016 Field Program – Sept 14 – Sept 28

This fall Schools on Board will take high school students and teachers on an incredible journey through Canada’s famed Northwest Passage on board the Canadian Coast Guard Ship – Amundsen.

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This fall Schools on Board is offering a unique learning experience for a small group of Canadian high school students and teachers. They will embark on an Arctic adventure sailing through the famed Canadian Northwest Passage on board the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) - Amundsen. They will work alongside ArcticNet scientists as they conduct oceanographic sampling and mooring operations that aim to further our understanding of Arctic marine ecosystems and the impact of Climate Change.

While experiencing spectacular views of the Canadian Arctic archipelago and traveling through ice floes, participants will be exposed to the on board science program through lectures and workshops delivered by ArcticNet scientists, as well as participate in laboratory experiments and on-deck sampling operations including the deployment of plankton nets, oceanographic moorings and seafloor and water-sampling equipment.

In addition to the science, participants explore the environmental and social issues related to climate change in Canada’s Arctic and the role of science and Inuit traditional knowledge in addressing these issues. Participants will have the opportunity to spend time in both Kugluktuk and Pond Inlet (NU) where they will engage with youth, elders, and community members.

2016 Schools on Board Field Program (schedule subject to change)

September 14 – Rendezvous Edmonton
September 15-16 – Kugluktuk, NU
September 17 – Board the CCGS Amundsen
September 17- 26 – Travel through Northwest Passage on CCGS Amundsen
September 26 – Disembark in Pond Inlet, NU
Sept 26, 27, 28 – Pond Inlet, NU
Sept 28 – Travel to home communities

Important Dates:

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