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2017 Schools on Board: Northern Youth Mentoring Program

The 2017 Northern Youth Mentoring Program is designed specifically for northern youth (ages 19-29) who are interested in gaining experience in conducting Arctic marine research on a state-of the-art coast guard ship – CCGS Amundsen. This year a small group of northern youth will board the CCGS Amundsen to work with ArcticNet scientists during Leg 2a of the 2017 Research Expedition. Participants will join scientists on the deck deploying nets and other scientific equipment and in labs where they will sort and process samples. In addition, scientists will deliver lectures and workshops complimenting hands-on activities providing context for research activities.

In addition to the science, participants explore the environmental and social implications in a changing Arctic and the role of both scientific and Traditional knowledge in addressing these issues. Participants will have the opportunity to spend time in both Churchill and Pond Inlet (NU).

Program Highlights:

Participant Criteria

2017 Northern Youth Mentoring Program (schedule subject to change)

July 4 – Rendezvous in Churchill, MB
July 5 – Churchill, MB – participate in the CCGS Amundsen Community Visit
July 6 – July 13 – On board programming
July 13 – Iqaluit, disembark
July 14 – Iqaluit
July 15 – Iqaluit, travel to home communities

Applications Due: May 1, 2017

If interested contact Michelle Clyde (Watts) ().

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