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Teacher selection criteria

The Schools on Board Field Program provides exciting research opportunities for high school teachers interested in environmental science and core science education. Each field program includes 2–3 teachers and schools can apply to send a teacher and/or a student. Teachers are selected by their schools, using the criteria listed below.

Schools on Board would like schools to send teachers who ...

*Arctic research requires physical activity in a variety of environmental conditions. Successful candidates must complete a medical screening that may require a medical examination by their doctor.

**Note that the educational programming is delivered in English, therefore a working knowledge of English is required. French is a dominant language on the ship, as many of the researchers and ship crew are from Quebec. An appreciation and understanding of the French language is a benefit.

Interested teachers must apply through their schools and complete the Teacher Application Form (see Application). If your school has not already applied for a space, see School Selection Criteria.


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