ArcticNet - ArcticNet Research

Phase 4 (2015-2018)

Ecosystem Approaches to Northern Health

Project Leader(s)

Lemire, Mélanie

Northern ecosystems are changing rapidly and Indigenous Peoples, who cultivate a close relationship with their territory, are particularly vulnerable to these changes. While persistent organic pollutants are declining in wildlife and northern human populations, mercury remains a topical issue and each year new chemicals are placed on the market and subsequently found at the poles, with unknown impacts on health. The present project is aimed at (i) monitoring of environmental contaminants transported over long distances in country foods and among northern populations; (ii) studying the effects of contaminants on human health as well as the effects of nutrient/contaminant interactions in food and on human health; and (iii) mobilizing knowledge into action to: (a) develop, implement and evaluate intervention projects, especially among young people, and in close partnership with local stakeholders; (b) build environmental health capacity of practitioners in the North; (c) contribute to public health policies and national risk assessment and management initiatives. Contributes to IRIS: 4