ArcticNet Research Phase II

Phase 4 (2015-2018)

Integrated Marine Geoscience to Guide Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development in Frobisher Bay, Nunavut


Network Investigators

Aitken, Alec   -   University of Saskatchewan

Barrie, Vaughn   -   Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada (Pacific)

Bell, Trevor   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Campbell, Calvin   -   Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)

Edinger, Evan   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland


Gillespie, Randy   -   Memorial University - Marine Institute

Ham, Linda   -   Canada Nunavut Geoscience Office

Kennedy, Janelle   -   Fisheries and Sealing Division, Department of Environment

Mate, David   -   Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada

Normandeau, Alexandre   -   Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)

Shirley, Jamal   -   Nunavut Research Institute

Tremblay, Tommy   -   Canada Nunavut Geoscience Office

PhD Students

Deering, Robert   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Misiuk, Ben   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Masters Students

Herder, Erin   -   University of Saskatchewan

Honours Undergraduate Students

Zammit, Kendra   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Undergraduate Students

Van Velzen, Roxanne   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Technical Staff

Broom, Laura   -   Dalhousie University

Miles, Lara   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Regular, Kirk   -   Memorial University - Marine Institute

Roy, André   -   Memorial University - Marine Institute

Northern Students

Fraser, Jeremy   -   Nunavut Arctic College

Kendall, Manasie   -   Memorial University of Newfoundland

Kilabuk, Alex   -   Nunavut Arctic College