ArcticNet Research Phase II

Phase 4 (2015-2018)

Automated Ice and Oil Spill Mapping ? Protecting Arctic Coastal Regions and Communities


Network Investigators

Clausi, David   -   University of Waterloo

Collins, Michael   -   University of Calgary

Haas, Christian   -   York University

Scott, Andrea   -   University of Waterloo

Wong, Alexander   -   University of Waterloo


Cater, Neil   -   LookNorth

Jeffries, Bill   -   LookNorth

Mueller, Derek   -   Carleton University

Research Associates

Cao, Yongfeng   -   Guizhou Normal University

Mani, Reza   -   York University

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Xu, Linlin   -   University of Waterloo

PhD Students

Asadi, Nazanin   -   University of Waterloo

Beckers, Justin   -   Yale University

Ghanbari, Mohsen   -   University of Waterloo

Jiang, Mingzhe   -   University of Waterloo

Shafiee, Javad   -   University of Waterloo

Zohary, Moein   -   University of Waterloo

Masters Students

Daneshvar, Mojtaba   -   York University

Hoekstra, Marie   -   University of Waterloo

Ma, Meng   -   University of Calgary

Sherman, Dennis   -   York University

Honours Undergraduate Students

Duquette, Ross   -   University of Waterloo

Undergraduate Students

Lohman, Andrew   -   York University