ArcticNet Research Phase II

Phase 4 (2015-2018)

Coupled Terrestrial-Aquatic Climate Impacts on High Arctic Watersheds: Using the Lake Hazen Watershed as a Sentinel for Change


Network Investigators

English, Michael   -   Wilfrid Laurier University

Lehnherr, Igor   -   University of Alberta

Muir, Derek   -   Environment Canada - Canada Centre for Inland Waters

POULAIN, Alexandre   -   University of Ottawa

Schiff, Sherry   -   University of Waterloo

Sharp, Martin   -   University of Alberta

Smol, John   -   Queen's University

St. Louis, Vincent   -   University of Alberta


Neufeld, Josh   -   University of Waterloo

Research Associates

Emmerton, Craig   -   University of Alberta

Michelutti, Neal   -   Queen's University

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Danielson, Bradley   -   University of Alberta

PhD Students

Aukes, Pieter   -   University of Waterloo

Dainard, Paul   -   University of Waterloo

Dubnick, Ashley   -   University of Alberta

Mortimer, Colleen   -   University of Alberta

Ruuskanen, Matti   -   University of Ottawa

St-Pierre, Kyra   -   University of Alberta

Masters Students

Cavaco, Maria   -   University of Alberta

Colby, Graham   -   University of Ottawa

Varty, Stephanie   -   University of Toronto

Wisniewski, Victoria   -   University of Toronto

Undergraduate Students

Serbu, Jessica   -   University of Alberta

Technical Staff

Dodge, Crystal   -   University of Alberta

Elgood, Richard   -   University of Waterloo

Engel, Katja   -   University of Waterloo

Ma, Mingsheng   -   University of Alberta

Talbot, Charles   -   Environment Canada - Canada Centre for Inland Waters