ArcticNet Research Phase II

Phase 4 (2015-2018)

Knowledge Co-Production for the Identification and Selection of Ecological, Social, and Economic Indicators for the Beaufort Sea


Network Investigators

Ferguson, Steven   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Freshwater Institute

Ford, James   -   McGill University

Jenkins, Emily   -   University of Saskatchewan

Loseto, Lisa   -   University of Manitoba

Pearce, Tristan   -   University of Guelph

Stern, Gary A.   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Freshwater Institute


Bakelaar, Carolyn   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

Blakeston, Connie   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

Collings, Peter   -   University of Florida

Doolittle, Andrew   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

Gillman, Vic   -   Fisheries Joint Management Committee (FJMC)

Harwood, Lois   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

Hynes, Kristin   -   Fisheries Joint Management Committee (FJMC)

Kudlak, Adam   -   Hamlet of Ulukhaktok

Lair, Stéphane   -   Université de Montréal

Marcoux, Marianne   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

Nielsen, Ole   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

O'Hara, Shannon   -   Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Ruben, Diane   -   Paulatuk Hunter and Trappers Committee

Simpson, Bob   -   Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Snow, Kathleen   -   Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Central & Arctic Region

Sumaila, Rashid   -   University of British Columbia

Swainson, Danny   -   Fisheries Joint Management Committee (FJMC)

Tomlinson, Scott   -   Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - Northern Contaminants Program

Whalen, Dustin   -   Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Hoover, Carie   -   University of British Columbia

Ostertag, Sonja   -   McGill University

PhD Students

Choy, Emily   -   University of Manitoba

Masters Students

Brewster, Jasmine   -   University of Manitoba

Fawcett, David   -   University of Guelph - Department of Geography

Hornby, Claire   -   University of Manitoba

Lede, Eric   -   Trent University

MacMillan, Kathleen   -   University of Manitoba

Scharffenberg, Kevin   -   University of Manitoba

Waugh, Devin   -   University of Guelph

Worden, Elizabeth   -   University of Manitoba

Undergraduate Students

Lennie, Paden   -   Fisheries Joint Management Committee (FJMC)

Northern Students

Pascal, Jessi   -   Fisheries Joint Management Committee (FJMC)

Northern Research Staff

Gordon Jr., Andrew   -   Fisheries Joint Management Committee (FJMC)

Green, Brandon   -   Paulatuk Hunter and Trappers Committee

Illasiak Sr, Jody   -   Paulatuk Hunter and Trappers Committee

Noksana Sr, John   -   Tuktoyaktuk

Notaina, Roland   -   Hamlet of Ulukhaktok

Pokiak, Devalynn   -   Tuktoyaktuk

Pokiak, Verna   -   Tuktoyaktuk