ArcticNet Research Phase II

Phase 4 (2015-2018)

Monitoring and Managing Muskox Health for Food Security and Ecosystem and Socio-Economic Resilience: Integrating Traditional, Local, and Scientific Knowledge


Network Investigators

Checkley, Sylvia   -   University of Calgary

Kutz, Susan   -   University of Calgary

Kyle, Christopher   -   Trent University

Molnar, Peter   -   University of Alberta

Murray, Maribeth   -   Arctic Institute of North America

van der Meer, Frank   -   University of Calgary

Wynne-Edwards, Katherine   -   University of Calgary


Adamczewski, Jan   -   Government of the Northwest Territories

Adams, Layne   -   U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Alaska Science Center

Anderson, Morgan   -   Government of Nunavut

Beckmen, Kimberlee   -   USGS Alaska Sience Center

Biek, Roman   -   University of Glasgow

Black, Shane   -   Canada North Outfitting

Branigan, Marsha   -   Government of the Northwest Territories

Davison, Tracy   -   Government of the Northwest Territories

Dobson, Andrew   -   Princeton University

Dumond, Mathieu   -   Government of Nunavut

Elkin, Brett   -   Government of the Northwest Territories

Gerlach, Craig   -   University of Calgary

Hoberg, Eric   -   USDA Agriculture Research Service

Hutchins, Wendy   -   University of Calgary

Lamont, Myles   -   Government of Nunavut

Leclerc, Lisa-Marie   -   Government of Nunavut

Lejeune, Manigandan   -   University of Calgary

McLennan, Donald   -   Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Orsel, Karin   -   University of Calgary

Peller, Peter   -   University of Calgary

Sather, Shane   -   Government of Nunavut

Tran, Lilian   -   University of Waterloo

Tryland, Morten   -   University of Tromso - The Arctic University of Norway

Zadoks, Ruth   -   University of Glasgow

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Carlsson, Anja   -   University of Calgary

Mavrot, Fabien   -   University of Calgary

Panikkar, Bindu   -   University of Calgary

PhD Students

Aleuy, Alejandro   -   University of Calgary

Dalton, Chimone   -   University of Calgary

Di Francesco, Juliette   -   University of Calgary

Kafle, Pratap   -   University of Calgary

McIntyre, Angeline   -   University of Calgary

Nascou, Alexander   -   University of Toronto

Tomaselli, Matilde   -   University of Calgary

Masters Students

Prewar, Erin   -   Trent University

Sullivan, Josh   -   University of Calgary

Undergraduate Students

Bottari, Leslie   -   Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse

Bruce, Cassandra   -   University of Calgary

Chopra, Sanchit   -   University of Calgary

Lang, Sean   -   University of Guelph

Morgan, Brianne   -   Trent University

Taylor, Breanna   -   Trent University

Technical Staff

Jackson, Katelyn   -   Trent University

Nwosu, Felix   -   University of Calgary

Schneider, Angie   -   University of Calgary

Wang, Jian   -   University of Calgary

Zhou, Ruokun   -   University of Calgary

Northern Students

Anablak, Cathy   -   Nunavut Arctic College

Pederson, Ali   -   Nunavut Arctic College

Wingnek, Leonard   -   Nunavut Arctic College

Northern Research Staff

Kakolak, Eva   -   Community of Ikaluktutiak (Victoria Island, Nunavut)