ArcticNet - Amundsen Expedition



2018 Amundsen Expedition

The CCGS Amundsen is one of the few Canadian Coast Guard ships to have a dual purpose. The Coast Guard maintains the infrastructure operational and available for science for up to 152 days of operations per year, over a period of 6 months from mid-May to mid-November. Special arrangements can also be negotiated with the Coast Guard to extend the availability of the CCGS Amundsen in a given year to accommodate circum-annual science programs in the Arctic. The Coast Guard uses the icebreaker for its own icebreaking/escort operations from December to Mid-April.

On 24 May the CCGS Amundsen is scheduled to leave its home port of Quebec City for a 153-day scientific expedition to the Canadian Arctic in support of ArcticNet's marine-based research program, the BaySys program, Sentinel North’s projects and the Northwest Passage Project. Based on the science objectives, the expedition has been divided into eight segments:

Leg 1 – BaySys-ArcticNet (24 May - 5 July) Quebec City to Churchill
Leg 2a – Sentinel North BriGHT/BaySys (5 - 13 July) Churchill to Iqaluit
Leg 2b – Sentinel North Ph.D. School and BOND project (13 - 24 July) Iqaluit to Iqaluit
Leg 2c – Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem/ROV/DFO/ArcticNet (24 July – 16 August) Iqaluit to Pond Inlet
Leg 3a – ArcticNet (16 August - 7 September) Pond Inlet to Cambridge Bay
Leg 3b – ArcticNet (7 - 27 September) Cambridge Bay to Kugluktuk
Leg 4a – University of Rhode Island Northwest Passage Project (27 September – 14 October) Kugluktuk to Resolute Bay
Leg 4b – ArcticNet (14 – 23 October) Resolute Bay to Quebec City