ArcticNet - Amundsen Expedition



2015 Amundsen Expedition

2015 Schedule

The Amundsen left its home port of Quebec City on 17 April for an initial 18-day expedition to collect MetOcean, sea ice, iceberg and environmental data in the Labrador Sea as part of a collaboration between ArcticNet, Statoil Canada, the Research & Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador and Husky Energy. The ship returned to Quebec City after Leg 1 and departed again on 10 July for a 115-day expedition in support of ArcticNet and its industry partners, the ArcticNet-ESRF program, and Geotraces. The ship arrived back in Quebec City on 1 November. Based on the scientific objectives, the 2015 expedition was divided into seven segments:

Leg 1 – ArcticNet/Industry (17 April – 4 May)
Leg 2 – Geotraces/ArcticNet (10 July – 20 August)
Leg 3a – ArcticNet/ESRF/IOL/Geotraces (20 August – 4 September)
Leg 3b – Geotraces/ArcticNet/IOL (4 September – 1 October)
Leg 4a – ArcticNet (1 – 11 October)
Leg 4b – ArcticNet (11 – 26 October)
Leg 4c – ArcticNet (26 October – 1 November)

Research Licenses

The following research licenses were obtained for the 2015 ArcticNet expedition onboard the CCGS Amundsen:


  • Parks Canada Saguenay Marine Park Licence 1024-1/S7-103 (April-May)
  • Parks Canada Saguenay Marine Park Licence SAGMP-2015-19097 (June)


  • Nunavut Research Institute Scientific Research License # 05 007 15R-M;
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans license to fish for scientific purposes in the waters of Nunavut # S-15/16-1006-NU;
  • Nunavut Archaeologist Permit # 2015-24A (for Schools on Board visit to Beechey Island)

Northwest Territories

  • Aurora Research Institute Northwest Territories Scientific Research License # 15693;
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans license to fish for scientific purposes in the waters of the Northwest Territories # S-15/16-1006-NU;

Foreign Waters

  • Vessel Clearance to conduct scientific work in Greenland waters. Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs file No 2015-23673
  • Government of Greenland Scientific Survey License # G-14 038;