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2007-08 Amundsen Expedition

In July of 2007, the CCGS Amundsen left its home port of Quebec City for an historical 15 month expedition to the Canadian Arctic to support ArcticNet and several projects funded by the Canadian International Polar Year (IPY) program. Among these projects are the Circumpolar Flaw Lead (CFL) study, a large Canadian-led international effort to understand the role of the CFL in a context of Arctic warming and the Qanuippitali Inuit Health Survey where doctors, nurses, interpreters and scientists will use the CCGS Amundsen to visit the coastal communities of Nunavut, Inuvialuit (NT) and Nunatsiavut (Labrador) to assess the overall health of Inuit residents. The CFL and the Inuit Health Survey will be carried out in close collaboration with ArcticNet.

Leg 1 (26/07/07 – 17/08/07) ArcticNet Expedition Logbook

Leg 2 (17/08/07 – 27/09/07) Health Survey Travel Log

Leg 3 (27/09/07 – 8/11/07) ArcticNet Expedition Logbook, CFL Dispatches

Leg 4 to Leg 10 (8/11/07 – 28/08/08) CFL Dispatches

Leg 11 (28/08/08 – 25/09/08) Health Survey Travel Log

Leg 12 (25/09/08 – 6/11/08) ArcticNet Expedition Logbook, Health Survey Travel Log

ArcticNet - Amundsen Expedition ArcticNet - Amundsen Expedition