ArcticNet in the News

ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2018

7 February 2018
Nunatsiaq News – Philanthropists Arnold Witzig and Sima Sharifi announce a $60 million donation to the Arctic Inspiration Prize trust, first launched with ArcticNet in 2012.   Original article >>

1 February 2018
National Geographic – ArcticNet scientist Andrew Derocher is interviewed on polar bears’ energy expenditure during summer.   Original article >>

22 January 2018
Online News Gazette – ArcticNet researcher Soren Rysgaard participates in a study about the descent of Greenland’s ice sheets.   Original article >>

15 January 2018
The Conversation – Vincent Ho describes composing an ‘Arctic Symphony’ inspired by his time aboard the CCGS Amundsen during the IPY-CFL program, which was performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra during ArcticNet’s ASM2016.   Original article >>

14 January 2018
Découverte – Le chercheur d’ArcticNet Steeve Côté et l’étudiante au doctorat Barbara Vuillaume présentent leur étude sur le caribou migrateur, une espèce en déclin.   Original article >>

4 January 2018
Environmental Science & Technology – New paper published by ArcticNet researchers Lafrenière, Lamoureux and Simpson suggest that high Arctic ponds could play an important role in the global carbon cycle.   Original article >>