ArcticNet in the News

ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2017

07 August 2017
The Washington Post – The Washington Post accompanies ArcticNet researchers in the Arctic on board the CCGS Amundsen to document the opening of the Northwest Passage  Original article >>

25 June 2017
Les années lumière – 150 ans de science au Canada: Louis Fortier discute de la création du réseau ArcticNet et de la progression de la recherche nordique au Canada  Original article >>

12 June 2017
CBC News – David Barber comments the cancellation of the first leg of the 2017 Amundsen Expedition  Original article >>

31 May 2017
CBC News – Research conducted by ArcticNet researchers Sherilee Harper, James Ford and Chris Furgal raise serious concerns about food security in Nunatsiavut  Original article >>

28 May 2017
The National – ArcticNet researcher Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo discusses the strong correlation between mental health and climate change that affects the Inuit community of Rigolet in northern Labrador  Original article >>

11 May 2017
Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna – ArcticNet researchers Philippe Archambault, Connie Lovejoy and Michel Poulin were involved as international experts in Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)'s Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) and contributed to the new State of the Arctic Biodiversity Report, released at the Arctic Council Ministerial  Original article >>

08 May 2017
University of Guelph News  – ArcticNet researcher Sherilee Harper will lead an international team in a research project on climate change and food security  Original article >>

24 April 2017
CBC News – Dr. David Barber is interviewed on the newly released Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic assessment  Original article >>

20 April 2017
ICI Radio-Canada Première – La vétérinaire Julie Ducrocq discute de la traditionnelle course Ivakkak au Nunavik en vue de la projection du documentaire Okpik's Dream, organisée conjointement par ArcticNet et la Chaire de recherche Nasivvik  Original article >>

07 April 2017
ICI Radio-Canada Première – Louis Fortier discute de l'invasion des déchets dans l'océan et de leur impact sur les écosystèmes marins   Original article >>

06 April 2017
Journal Le Fil – ArcticNet et la Chaire de recherche Nasivvik présentent une série de documentaires sur les impacts de la modernisation et du changement climatique sur l?environnement nordique, ainsi que la santé et la culture autochtone à l'Université Laval dès le 20 avril  Original article >>

06 April 2017
Uphere Magazine – As the first field season of the GENICE project aboard the CCGS Amundsen approaches, Dr. Gary Stern from University of Manitoba describes the aim of this research   Original article >>

05 April 2017
University Affairs – ArcticNet's funding to end in 2018: participants anticipate the Network's demise  Original article >>

03 April 2017
Canadian Geographic – ArcticNet researcher Susan Kutz combines science and Indigenous knowledge to assess Muskox health on Victoria Island  Original article >>

27 March 2017
BMC Public Health – ArcticNet researchers publish a new paper on how the media portray drinking water security in Canadian Indigenous communities  Original article >>

06 March 2017
Newswire – The Arctic Eider Society's SIKU project is one of the 10 Google Impact Challenge finalists  Original article >>

13 February 2017
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami – The joint ArcticNet, ITK and University of Winnipeg research project Foundations for Student Persistence and Success in Inuit Nunangat supports an Inuit Education Forum in Nain, Nunatsiavut, this week  Original article >>

08 February 2017
Air Canada enRoute – Air Canada's inflight travel magazine interviews Louis Fortier  Original article >>

05 February 2017
Le Soleil – The W. Garfield Weston Foundation donates almost $900K to support the Kitikmeot marine ecosystems study, led by Drs. Louis Fortier and Philippe Archambault   Original article >>

16 January 2017
UM Today – Manitoba and Genome Canada announced $4M in funding for GENICE, led by Drs. Casey Hubert and Gary Stern   Original article >>

13 January 2017
The Globe and Mail – ArcticNet researcher Martin Sharp played a leading role in the efforts to house Canada's ice core collection at the University of Alberta  Original article >>

10 January 2017
CBC News  – ArcticNet researchers Fabrice Calmels and Louis-Philippe Roy introduced a new way of preserving and displaying permafrost core samples at the Canadian Museum of Nature  Original article >>

09 January 2017
Marketwired Press Release  – Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan announced $18.2M in funding for the CCGS Amundsen as part of an investment by the Canada Foundation for Innovation in 17 key national research facilities  Original article >>