ArcticNet in the News

ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2016

14 March 2016
Marketwired Press Release – University of Calgary researcher Brent Else receives funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation's John R. Evans Leaders Fund for new instruments that will be used on board the Amundsen to measure carbon cycling  Original article >>

19 February 2016
Radio Canada International – Une entrevue avec Louis Fortier suite à la conference AAAS à Washington  Original article >>

18 February 2016
Contact – Les chercheurs d'ArcticNet à l'Université Laval travaillent sur les nouveaux projets de recherche dans le Nord  Original article >>

12 February 2016
The Globe and Mail – ArcticNet researchers are involved in an international project to conduct large scale marine monitoring in Baffin Bay  Original article >>

12 February 2016
University Affairs – At the AAAS meeting in Washington, Louis Fortier participated in a panel organized by the Canada Foundation for Innovation on Arctic research and international collaboration  Original article >>

28 January 2016
Nunatsiaq News – Research by Michel Allard's team is focusing on the impacts of permafrost melt on infrastructure in Nunavik  Original article >>

27 January 2016
CNW Press Release – The laureates of the 2015 Arctic Inspiration Prize were announced at a ceremony in Ottawa  Original article >>

25 January 2016
CBC News North – ArcticNet Board of Directors co-chair, Duane Smith, elected as chair of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation  Original article >>

07 January 2016
EurekAlert – A study published in Nature Climate Change by James Ford et al. examines the ability of northern communities to adapt to climate change  Original article >>

01 January 2016
The Journal of Ocean Technology – Canada’s research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen is a multipurpose platform supporting world-class science and keeping Canada’s waterways open and accessible all year long  Original article >>