ArcticNet in the News

ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2014

23 December 2014
CBC News –   Original article >>

20 December 2014
CBC News – In the wake of Arctic Change 2014, Canada's progress in Arctic research is applauded  Original article >>

18 December 2014
The Canadian Press – The environmental and social impacts of the melting Arctic are discussed with comments from several ArcticNet researchers and collaborators  Original article >>

17 December 2014
National Geographic News – Rob Huebert is quoted regarding the resource potential of the Arctic in the wake of Denmark's recent northern claim  Original article >>

16 December 2014
CBC News North – The inaugural Inuit Recognition Award is given to Joey Angnatok for his involvement in northern research  Original article >>

16 December 2014
Le Monde –   Original article >>

15 December 2014
Northern Journal – Martin Fortier comments on FOXY's win of the 2014 Arctic Inspiration Prize during the Arctic Change conference in Ottawa  Original article >>

14 December 2014
 –   Original article >>

12 December 2014
Nunatsiaq News – Food security issues in the Arctic are a key topic at the Arctic Change 2014 conference in Ottawa  Original article >>

12 December 2014
Deutsche Welle – Prof Hugues Lantuit is interviewed concerning warming permafrost at the Arctic Change 2014 conference in Ottawa  Original article >>

11 December 2014
The Rush – Martin Fortier is interviewed regarding the Arctic Change 2014 conference in Ottawa  Original article >>

09 December 2014
APTN – Arctic food security issues, discussed at the Arctic Change conference, are highlighted on APTN's national news (video clip 15:50-19:10)  Original article >>

18 November 2014
Environmental Research Web – A study by James Ford and colleagues looks at the state of climate change adaptation in the Arctic  Original article >>

06 November 2014
Le Fil –   Original article >>

21 October 2014
CBC News – David Barber is cited regarding how climate change is playing a role in both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice conditions  Original article >>

21 October 2014
The Globe and Mail – Following the moratorium placed on commercial fishing in the Beaufort Sea, Rob Huebert explains why Canada and the US need to resolve their border disputes in the Arctic  Original article >>

20 October 2014
University of Ottawa – Michael Byers delivers Charles R. Bronfman Lecture on the future of the Arctic at the University of Ottawa   Original article >>

20 October 2014
Nunatsiaq News – A student and teacher from Nunavut join the Schools on Board field program on board the CCGS Amundsen  Original article >>

09 October 2014
The Globe and Mail – Michael Byers discusses how fossil fuel companies could soon be held accountable for climate change impacts  Original article >>

08 October 2014
 – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier receives the Governor General?s Northern Medal in Quebec City  Original article >>

02 October 2014
Huffington Post Canada – Rob Huebert is quoted regarding the increasing importance of new technologies for Arctic security  Original article >>

26 September 2014
Nunatsiaq News – The Arctic Inspiration Prize, managed by ArcticNet, is gaining increased support across Nunavut  Original article >>

23 September 2014
CBC As It Happens – Steve Ferguson is interviewed about new findings concerning narwhal tusks and fertility  Original article >>

22 September 2014
The New York Times – Doctoral candidate at McGill University and ArcticNet member, Michael Becker, writes about the changing environment of the High Arctic  Original article >>

14 September 2014
The Globe and Mail – In this front page article, the Globe's science journalist Ivan Semeniuk reports from onboard the Amundsen with ArcticNet  Original article >>

10 September 2014
CBC News, iPolitics, CTV News, Times Colonist, Huffington Post (Canada), The Hamilton Spectator,, Brampton Guardian, Metro News – After accompanying the Prime Minster on his recent northern tour, R. Huebert comments on the political impacts of the recent Franklin ship discovery  Original article >>

01 September 2014
Pan European Networks Science & Technology  – Executive Director Martin Fortier discusses the ways ArcticNet is reshaping Arctic research nationally and internationally  Original article >>

01 September 2014
International Innovation – Scientific Director Louis Fortier is profiled, discussing Arctic science and the CCGS Amundsen

31 July 2014
The Journal of Ocean Technology – Executive Director, Dr. Martin Fortier, discusses the challenges of Arctic research in the current issue of JOT.

21 July 2014
Nunatsiaq News – Duane Smith and Terry Audla speak at the Inuit Circumpolar Council General Assembly in Inuvik.  Original article >>

14 June 2014
Toronto Star –   Original article >>

12 June 2014
Global Post, CTV News, The StarPhoenix, Toronto Star, Saanich News, National Post,, Whistler Question – Michael Byers is quoted in regards to the publication of a new atlas identifying traditional Inuit trail systems.  Original article >>

04 June 2014
Canadian Geographic – Greg Henry and his students are examining climate change impacts on tundra ecosystems in the Arctic.  Original article >>

01 June 2014
Up Here Business – Rob Huebert is quoted on future oil & gas development in Canada's Arctic.

13 May 2014
Nunatsiaq News –   Original article >>

12 May 2014
Chemical & Engineering News – A new publication based on research carried out from the CCGS Amundsen examines toxic mercury in sea ice.  Original article >>

01 May 2014
Above & Beyond – A discussion on how ArcticNet and Inuit Research Advisors are bridging northern and southern knowledge.  Original article >>

30 April 2014
(The Canadian Press) The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Times Colonist, Metro, News1130, 660News, Digital Journal, Courier-Islander, Leader-Post, The Surrey Leader, The StarPhoenix – ArcticNet researcher Michael Byers wins the Donner Prize for his book, 'International Law and the Arctic'.  Original article >>

28 April 2014
Nunatsiaq News – Research led by James Ford is examining the impacts of climate change on Inuit health.  Original article >>

22 April 2014
Brandon Sun – Dr. David Barber is leading a team of researchers looking at the environmental effects of Arctic industrialization.  Original article >>

03 April 2014
Wild Canada – A Nature of Things documentary highlights the Arctic with footage shot with ArcticNet onboard the CCGS Amundsen.  Original article >>

01 April 2014
The Vancouver Sun – Michael Byers is nominated for the $50K Donner Prize for his book International Law and the Arctic.  Original article >>

01 March 2014
Above & Beyond – Three teams received the Arctic Inspiration Prize at ArcticNet?s Annual Scientific Meeting in Halifax in December.  Original article >>

28 February 2014
The Nature of Things - Wild Canada – Wild Canada goes behind the scenes with ArcticNet onboard the 2013 CCGS Amundsen expedition.  Original article >>

27 February 2014
CBC News North, Global Post, Toronto Star – Michael Byers comments on new agreement to block commercial fishing in the Arctic until more study is done.  Original article >>

20 February 2014
Le fil –   Original article >>

05 February 2014
National Post – Samuel Iverson publishes in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on increasing risks for seabirds in a warming Arctic.  Original article >>

05 February 2014
NationTalk – Terry Audla comments on Nunavut Tunngavik?s annual report outlining the outcomes of the Nunavut Inuit Health Survey.  Original article >>

04 February 2014
The Manitoban – ArcticNet scientists participate in University of Manitoba Political Studies Students? Conference.  Original article >>

30 January 2014
The Globe and Mail – Rob Huebert expounds on Russia?s Arctic claims.  Original article >>

24 January 2014
The Globe and Mail – As part of an ?Arctic Circle? Panel, Rob Huebert and Michael Byers give their opinions on the changing Arctic environment.  Original article >>

23 January 2014
Le Monde – Martin Fortier is quoted regarding navigation issues in the warming Arctic.  Original article >>

20 January 2014
The Globe and Mail – Rob Huebert and Michael Byers discuss little known aspects about Canada?s North.  Original article >>

19 January 2014
The Globe and Mail –   Original article >>

16 January 2014
Le fil –   Original article >>

16 January 2014
CBC Doc Zone – Premiering on CBC, To the Rescue, delves into Canada?s search and rescue system, with footage from the CCGS Amundsen and an interview with Michael Byers.  Original article >>

11 January 2014
CTV News, Global News, Huffington Post, iPolitics, Niagara This Week, The Chronicle Herald, The Globe and Mail, The Telegram – Rob Huebert comments on Canada?s northern strategy as the Arctic draws increasing attention.  Original article >>

05 January 2014
Alaska Dispatch – Michael Byers is quoted regarding the reasons for Canada?s and Russia?s North Pole claims.  Original article >>

04 January 2014
Le Devoir – James Ford discusses the challenges facing Northerners as they adapt to a changing northern climate.  Original article >>

03 January 2014
CBC News North – Rob Huebert comments on increasing commercial interest in Canada?s Northwest Passage.  Original article >>

01 January 2014
Above & Beyond – ArcticNet Board Member Terry Audla writes about the melding of traditional and scientific knowledge.  Original article >>

01 January 2014
Above & Beyond – The 2013 Arctic Inspiration Prize was awarded to three teams at ArcticNet?s annual meeting in Halifax.