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ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2013

20 December 2013
Los Angeles Times – Warwick Vincent tells the story of a 54-year-old message found in the Arctic.  Original article >>

20 December 2013
The Washington Post, The Japan Times – Rob Huebert writes about our misunderstandings regarding the North Pole.  Original article >>

20 December 2013
National Post – Michael Byers writes about potential benefits for Newfoundland in a developing Arctic.  Original article >>

17 December 2013
le Soleil – Warwick Vincent and Denis Sarrazin on the message in a bottle that helped them track a receding glacier.  Original article >>

17 December 2013
 – Warwick Vincent interviewed regarding the message in a bottle found in a receding glacier.  Original article >>

16 December 2013
CBC News North – ArcticNet?s Warwick Vincent interviewed on the message in a bottle that helped track the life of an Arctic glacier.  Original article >>

16 December 2013
CBC News – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert comments on the Canadian-Russian Arctic ownership race.  Original article >>

16 December 2013
CBC TV News (Northbeat) – ArcticNet?s Warwick Vincent interviewed on the message in a bottle that helped track the life of an Arctic glacier.  Original article >>

16 December 2013
CBC News – University of New Brunswick?s Ocean Mapping Group covering new territory in Arctic mapping.  Original article >>

15 December 2013 –   Original article >>

15 December 2013
Nature News –   Original article >>

12 December 2013
CBC North (MSN News, –   Original article >>

12 December 2013
CBC News – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers and Rob Huebert comment on Canada?s Arctic resource claim.  Original article >>

12 December 2013
The Chronicle Herald – From the ArcticNet conference in Halifax, Warwick Vincent discusses how a message in a bottle helped to measure the shrinking of a glacier.  Original article >>

11 December 2013
CBC TV News (Northbeat) – ArcticNet?s Martin Fortier interviewed from the ArcticNet conference in Halifax.  Original article >>

10 December 2013
Radio-Canada (L?heure de pointe Acadie) – Scientific Director Louis Fortier speaks about the various subjects being discussed at ArcticNet?s annual meeting in Halifax.  Original article >>

09 December 2013
Associated Press (ABC13, Rigzone, SFGate, The Advertiser-Tribune) – As the Canadian government seeks to include the North Pole in its UN seafloor claim, ArcticNet?s Michael Byers and Rob Huebert are quoted.  Original article >>

09 December 2013
CBC (The Lang & O?Leary Exchange) – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert is interviewed as Canada submits its seafloor claim to the United Nations.  Original article >>

09 December 2013
The Canadian Press (CP24, CTV News, Maclean?s, National Post, The Huffington Post, The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Windsor Star) – Michael Byers and Rob Huebert interviewed as Canada submits Arctic claim.  Original article >>

06 December 2013
CBC News – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert comments on Canada?s seafloor claim to the United Nations.  Original article >>

06 December 2013
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet?s annual scientific meeting will commence next week in Halifax.  Original article >>

06 December 2013
The Diplomat – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert comments on growing Arctic militarization.  Original article >>

05 December 2013
The Globe and Mail – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert on the Canadian and Russian Arctic seabed claims.  Original article >>

04 December 2013
Edmonton Sun – Research by ArcticNet?s Alastair Franke on peregrine falcon populations is highlighted.  Original article >>

28 November 2013
Le fil –   Original article >>

28 November 2013
Nunatsiaq News –   Original article >>

24 November 2013
 – ArcticNet?s Louis Fortier and David Barber are featured in this report on climate change and the world?s oceans.  Original article >>

21 November 2013
CBC News – ArcticNet researchers examine water quality in Lake Melville.  Original article >>

07 November 2013
L'Aquilon – ArcticNet?s Michel Allard on the advancement of permafrost research in Canada and internationally.  Original article >>

31 October 2013
 – ArcticNet?s Executive Director Martin Fortier is in Halifax leading up to this year?s Annual Scientific Meeting and Arctic Inspiration Prize ceremony.  Original article >>

30 October 2013
CBC Information Morning – ArcticNet?s Martin Fortier and Arctic Inspiration Prize founder Arnold Witzig are interviewed from Halifax.  Original article >>

25 October 2013
 – ArcticNet?s Scientific Director Louis Fortier discusses Arctic research and the challenges of working in the North.  Original article >>

24 October 2013
CBC News – Duane Smith, Co-Chair of the ArcticNet Board, comments on funding for Arctic science.  Original article >>

26 September 2013
CNW Press Release – A team consisting of TSB, ArcticNet, and the Canadian Coast Guard recovers helicopter from Arctic Ocean  Original article >>

26 September 2013
 –   Original article >>

24 September 2013
TSB News Release – CCGS Amundsen team locates helicopter in Arctic  Original article >>

23 September 2013
CBC News – Helicopter crash victims mourned  Original article >>

23 September 2013
Radio-Canada –   Original article >>

20 September 2013
CNW Press Release – ArcticNet Science Expedition Curtailed to Focus on Helicopter Investigation  Original article >>

19 September 2013
Ottawa Life – ArcticNet?s Schools on Board program is highlighted.  Original article >>

18 September 2013
DFO-MPO Press Release – Helicopter search and recovery operation goes forward  Original article >>

12 September 2013
CBC – Martin Fortier and David Barber discuss the impacts of the recent helicopter accident  Original article >>

12 September 2013
The National – David Barber and Martin Fortier interviewed following the loss of three colleagues  Original article >>

12 September 2013
Winnipeg Free Press – David Barber talks about his colleague Klaus Hochheim  Original article >>

10 September 2013
CBC As it Happens – Interview with Martin Fortier following the helicopter accident  Original article >>

10 September 2013
Le Devoir –   Original article >>

29 August 2013
Le Fil –   Original article >>

29 August 2013
Edmonton Journal – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert comments on China?s growing Arctic interests.  Original article >>

28 August 2013
The Nation – An article by ArcticNet?s Michael Byers describing how some countries are preparing for the opening of new Arctic sea routes.  Original article >>

28 August 2013
Geopolitical Monitor – The CCGS Amundsen is back in service in 2013, heading to the Arctic for another ArcticNet research mission.  Original article >>

23 August 2013
The Globe and Mail – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert looks at Canadian Arctic sovereignty and security in the wake of Prime Minister Harper?s northern tour.  Original article >>

23 August 2013
The Gazette, The Globe and Mail, Metro – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers is quoted as Greenpeace enters Russian Arctic waters without permission.  Original article >>

23 August 2013
The Arctic Sounder – ArcticNet?s Duane Smith is quoted after the Inuit Circumpolar Council meeting in Kotzebue.  Original article >>

22 August 2013
Al Jazeera – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers examines China?s quest for Arctic oil.  Original article >>

21 August 2013
National Post – An article by ArcticNet?s Michael Byers commenting on Prime Minister Harper?s Arctic stance.  Original article >>

21 August 2013
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet scientists examine the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans in a recently released report in Nature.  Original article >>

21 August 2013
RCI – ArcticNet scientists Helmuth Thomas and Elizabeth Shadwick publish an article on acidification of Arctic vs Antarctic Ocean.  Original article >>

20 August 2013
The Globe and Mail – An article by ArcticNet?s P. Whitney Lackenbauer as Prime Minister Harper tours the North.  Original article >>

19 August 2013
CBC North, National Post – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers is quoted on Canadian Arctic shipping.  Original article >>

12 August 2013
The Globe and Mail – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers compares the Russian vs Canadian approach to the Arctic.  Original article >>

06 August 2013
Science Daily – ArcticNet?s Helmuth Thomas in Nature?s Scientific Reports on vulnerability of Arctic vs Antarctic to anthropogenic change.  Original article >>

06 August 2013
Newswise, Innovations Report – ArcticNet?s Helmuth Thomas finds that Arctic is more vulnerable to human-induced changes than Antarctic.  Original article >>

30 July 2013
Radio-Canada (Phare Ouest) – Martin Fortier is interviewed about the 2013 CCGS Amundsen expedition and the changes taking place in the Canadian Arctic.  Original article >>

30 July 2013
Leader-Post – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert quoted concerning Canada?s Arctic strategy.  Original article >>

29 July 2013 – The CCGS Amundsen departed for the Canadian Arctic on Friday with its Coast Guard crew and ArcticNet scientists.  Original article >>

27 July 2013
Le Soleil – As the CCGS Amundsen departs for the Arctic, new sources of support funding are sought.  Original article >>

26 July 2013 – Louis Fortier is quoted from the CCGS Amundsen as ArcticNet prepares to head to the Arctic.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet scientists head to the Canadian Arctic on recently refurbished CCGS Amundsen.  Original article >>

26 July 2013 – Louis Fortier discusses the upcoming ArcticNet expedition as the CCGS Amundsen readies for departure.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
 – Louis Fortier is interviewed from the CCGS Amundsen regarding seabed methane release.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
 – Louis Fortier is interviewed from the CCGS Amundsen as ArcticNet prepares for their annual expedition to the Arctic.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
CBC (Quebec AM) – Louis Fortier is interviewed about new research to take place during the upcoming CCGS Amundsen expedition.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
 – Louis Fortier is interviewed from the CCGS Amundsen regarding the upcoming ArcticNet expedition and climate change impacts in the Arctic.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
CNW Canada Newswire (Press Release) – On its 10th Anniversary as a research icebreaker, the CCGS Amundsen heads to the Arctic for ArcticNet?s annual scientific expedition.  Original article >>

26 July 2013
Marketwired (Press Release) – Fisheries and Oceans Canada announces the departure of the CCGS Amundsen for the 2013 ArcticNet expedition.  Original article >>

25 July 2013
The Globe and Mail, CTV News, Alaska Dispatch, globalpost – ArcticNet?s David Barber and Matthew Asplin discuss the cyclone currently tearing up the Arctic?s sea ice.  Original article >>

25 July 2013
FM93 (Le retour de Gilles Parent) – Louis Fortier is interviewed as ArcticNet prepares for departure on the 2013 CCGS Amundsen expedition.  Original article >>

24 July 2013
Global Research – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert quoted on militarization of the Arctic.  Original article >>

23 July 2013
Le Fil – The CCGS Amundsen will celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year as it departs for the 2013 ArcticNet expedition.  Original article >>

16 July 2013
The Hill Times – ArcticNet?s Duane Smith and Terry Audla are quoted in a dialog on oil & gas and mining development in the Arctic.  Original article >>

15 July 2013
iPolitics – ArcticNet Board Member Terry Audla comments on Canada?s new Environment Minister.  Original article >>

15 July 2013
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet Board Member Terry Audla discusses changes to the Harper cabinet.  Original article >>

11 July 2013
Winnipeg Free Press – ArcticNet?s David Barber discusses how changes in sea ice are effecting Churchill?s shipping season.  Original article >>

17 June 2013
The Hill Times – A policy piece by ArcticNet Board Member Terry Audla discussing inequalities in living standards for Canada?s Inuit.  Original article >>

10 June 2013
CBC News North – ArcticNet?s Steve Ferguson looks at killer whale populations in Nunavut.  Original article >>

10 June 2013 – The 2013 ArcticNet Schools on Board program onboard the CCGS Amundsen will include a school from Penticton, British Columbia.  Original article >>

07 June 2013
New Security Beat – ArcticNet?s Rob Huebert et al. discuss Arctic security in a report on Northern geopolitics.  Original article >>

05 June 2013
Niagara This Week – Captain Marc Thibault is in St. Catharines with the CCGS Amundsen after the completion of repairs to her engines.  Original article >>

04 June 2013
CBC News North – ArcticNet?s Keith Levesque comments on this year?s upcoming Arctic research program as the CCGS Amundsen leaves dry dock.  Original article >>

31 May 2013
Marketwired – Repairs to the CCGS Amundsen have wrapped up in St. Catharines, leaving the vessel ready to prepare for ArcticNet?s 2013 research season.  Original article >>

31 May 2013
Welland Tribune – The CCGS Amundsen is ready for another season of Arctic research after undergoing repairs to her engines. Captain Marc Thibault is interviewed from St. Catharines, Ontario.  Original article >>

30 May 2013
Ottawa Life – The release of ArcticNet?s Integrated Regional Impact Study for Nunavik and Nunatsiavut is highlighted.  Original article >>

22 May 2013
Nunatsiaq News – Inuit Circumpolar Council (Canada) President and Co-Chair of the ArcticNet Board of Directors, Duane Smith comments on Canada?s hosting of the ICC General Assembly in Inuvik next year.  Original article >>

16 May 2013
Financial Post – In a discussion on Arctic resource development in Canada, ArcticNet?s Duane Smith is quoted.  Original article >>

15 May 2013
The Gazette, The Vancouver Sun – ArcticNet?s Duane Smith is quoted regarding development in the Canadian Arctic.  Original article >>

15 May 2013
CBC – As Canada takes the helm at the Arctic Council, ArcticNet?s Terry Audla and Duane Smith are quoted on Northern development, the Council chair and hunting practices in the Canadian Arctic.  Original article >>

14 May 2013
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet?s Terry Audla and Duane Smith are quoted regarding resource development in the Canadian Arctic.  Original article >>

13 May 2013
The Christian Science Monitor – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers is quoted regarding Arctic resource development and environmental conservation.  Original article >>

12 May 2013
Metro, Alaska Dispatch (14 May) – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers and Duane Smith are quoted in this article on Arctic economy as Canada takes over the chair of the Arctic Council.  Original article >>

10 May 2013
Le Soleil – A 2013 Schools on Tundra participant is commended for her leadership skills through the Forces AVENIR program.  Original article >>

09 May 2013
National Post –   Original article >>

06 May 2013
National Post – As Canada prepares to take over chairmanship of the Arctic Council, ArcticNet Network Investigator Rob Huebert discusses militarization of the Arctic.  Original article >>

24 April 2013
The Tyee – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers writes about Canada?s proposed Arctic patrol vessels.  Original article >>

16 April 2013
 –   Original article >>

12 April 2013
The Star – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers comments on Canada?s plans to build a new fleet of Arctic patrol vessels.  Original article >>

12 April 2013
The Western Producer – ArcticNet Network Investigator David Barber discusses Hudson Bay?s changing sea ice and the opening of new routes for Arctic shipping.  Original article >>

11 April 2013
CBC News – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers comments on proposed plans for new Arctic patrol vessels.  Original article >>

11 April 2013
The Chronicle Herald – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers authors a new report on Canada?s proposed fleet of Arctic patrol vessels.  Original article >>

11 April 2013
The Windsor Star – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers discusses Canada?s proposed fleet of Arctic patrol vessels.  Original article >>

10 April 2013
Embassy – Scientific Director Louis Fortier writes about ArcticNet?s role in transforming Arctic science in the context of climate change, industrialization and modernization in a global Arctic.

05 April 2013
Hindustan Times – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier is quoted after his recent visit to India to discuss future Arctic research collaborations.  Original article >>

01 April 2013
The Times of India – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier travels to India to discuss future research collaborations.  Original article >>

01 April 2013

01 April 2013
Magazine DSI –   Original article >>

01 April 2013
Policy Options –   Original article >>

25 March 2013
The Manitoban – Network Investigators David Barber and Soren Rysgaard discuss how the new Nellie Cournoyea Arctic Research Facility will help to advance Arctic research in Canada.  Original article >>

20 March 2013
The Christian Science Monitor – Reduction in sea ice and changes in environmental conditions in the Hudson Bay area are affecting the migration of the region?s polar bears according to a recent study published in the Journal of Animal Ecology by ArcticNet?s Seth Cherry and Andrew Derocher.  Original article >>

19 March 2013
Winnipeg Free Press – Network Investigators David Barber and Soren Rysgaard are quoted at the opening ceremony for the new Nellie Cournoyea Arctic Research Facility at the University of Manitoba.  Original article >>

18 March 2013
Winnipeg Free Press – Network Investigator David Barber comments on the opening of a new Arctic Research Facility at the University of Manitoba.  Original article >>

18 March 2013
CBC News – The opening of the new Nellie Cournoyea Arctic Research Facility at the University of Manitoba will aid Network Investigators like David Barber and Soren Rysgaard in the study of Arctic systems.  Original article >>

18 March 2013
Metro – Network Investigator David Barber talks about the University of Manitoba?s new Arctic Research Facility.  Original article >>

15 March 2013
The Globe and Mail – The expansion of the University of Manitoba?s Centre for Earth Observation Science will help ArcticNet Network Investigators like Dave Barber answer complex questions about the Arctic?s changing sea ice.  Original article >>

05 March 2013
Voice of Russia –   Original article >>

21 February 2013
Terra Daily – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier outlines how scientific impact studies are helping northern communities adapt to the challenges of climate change.  Original article >>

21 February 2013
ITK Media Release, NationTalk – With the support of ArcticNet and other organizations, a group of researchers and Inuit representatives met in Iqaluit this week to discuss the priorities for Inuit education.  Original article >>

21 February 2013
Fisheries and Oceans Canada News Release, Marketwire, Noodls, Sea News, Silobreaker, Yahoo! Finance – Repairs to the CCGS Amundsen in St. Catharines, Ontario will ensure that the vessel is ready for ArcticNet?s 2013 summer field season.  Original article >>

17 February 2013
 – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier?s presence at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings in Boston provides an opportunity to focus on ArcticNet?s recently published impact study on Nunavik and Nunatsiavut.  Original article >>

13 February 2013
Scientific American – ArcticNet Network Investigator Steve Ferguson is quoted in this article describing how Inuit traditional knowledge is helping Arctic biologists.  Original article >>

09 February 2013
The Economist –   Original article >>

09 February 2013
Le Soleil – The debut of ArcticNet?s Schools on Tundra program is highlighted in this article.  Original article >>

06 February 2013
Financial Times – ArcticNet?s Michael Byers and Rob Huebert are quoted in this discussion about the future management of the Arctic.  Original article >>

31 January 2013
Trent University Daily News – This article highlights Trent University?s presence at ArcticNet?s annual meeting in December.  Original article >>

31 January 2013
The Globe and Mail – As Canada takes leadership of the Arctic Council, ArcticNet?s Michael Byers comments on the country?s stance on some much-debated international Arctic issues such as commercial fishing.  Original article >>

31 January 2013
Le fil –   Original article >>

30 January 2013
Noodls – This NCE bulletin highlights the recent publication of ArcticNet?s integrated study on Nunavik and Nunatsiavut.  Original article >>

25 January 2013
Financial Times –   Original article >>

22 January 2013
The StarPhoenix – Duane Smith, co-Chair of the ArcticNet Board of Directors is cited in this article discussing polar bear conservation in the Arctic.  Original article >>

14 January 2013
The Manitoban – ArcticNet researchers Feiyue Wang, Soren Rysgaard, David Barber and Tim Papakyriakou are taking advantage of the new Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF) at the University of Manitoba to study Arctic sea ice formation.  Original article >>

10 January 2013
 – Executive Director of ArcticNet Martin Fortier comments on the Arctic?s changing ecosystem after a pod of killer whales is trapped in sea ice in Hudson Bay.  Original article >>

03 January 2013
Nunatsiaq News – A review of the year 2012 features the Arctic Inspiration Prize awards at ArcticNet?s annual meeting as well as repairs to the CCGS Amundsen.  Original article >>

01 January 2013
Radio-Canada – As Canada takes leadership of the Arctic Council, ArcticNet Executive Director Martin Fortier, is interviewed concerning the challenges of research in the North.  Original article >>