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ArcticNet in the News - Year 2011

28 December 2011
Al Jazerra – China has a growing interest in the Arctic Ocean due to its shorter shipping routes and the availability of untapped natural resources, says Michael Byers.  Original article >>

28 December 2011
Toronto Star – From Siberia, Michael Byers discusses Russia?s booming resource industry, advancements in Arctic marine transportation and the parallels between Canada?s Northwest Passage and Russia?s Northern Sea Route.  Original article >>

22 December 2011
Al Jazerra – The possibility of an ice-free Northwest Passage in the near future has resulted in increased cooperation between Arctic nations interested in the subsequent economic opportunities, reports Michael Byers.  Original article >>

21 December 2011 – Derek Mueller?s Canada AM interview on the melting of Canada?s ice shelves is referenced in an article discussing sustainable energy in the North.  Original article >>

15 December 2011 –   Original article >>

09 December 2011
 –   Original article >>

06 December 2011
CBC, The Globe and Mail, iNews 880 Edmonton – Recently unveiled Russian nautical charts of the Canadian Arctic suggest that the Russians possessed intricate knowledge of Canada?s waterways during the Cold War. Michael Byers comments on the accuracy of the Russian charts compared to the Canadian, speculating that Russian submersibles must have been used to obtain the necessary soundings under the Arctic sea ice.  Original article >>

30 November 2011
La Presse –   Original article >>

28 November 2011
Northern News Services – A new documentary funded by ArcticNet, Going Places: Preparing Inuit High School Students for a Changing Wider World, explores how having Inuit leaders in the school system impacts the success of students and looks at the challenges faced by educators in Nunavut.  Original article >>

24 November 2011
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet Network Investigator Thierry Rodon is leading a project aimed at establishing a northern university and improving Inuit access to post-secondary education. Through workshops in Ottawa and Kuujjuaq, community members are getting involved in the future of northern education.  Original article >>

11 November 2011
Vereniging voor Weerkunde en Klimatologie –   Original article >>

07 November 2011 – Using sediment cores, Dermot Antoniades, Pierre Francus, Reinhard Pienitz, Warwick Vincent, and Guillaume St-Onge are analyzing the breakdown of Ellesmere Island?s ice shelves due to unprecedented climate warming over the last millennium.  Original article >>

05 November 2011, Ottawa Citizen – A student?s perspective of her experience as a researcher onboard the Amundsen as part of the ArcticNet Schools on Board program.  Original article >>

03 November 2011
 –   Original article >>

03 November 2011
 – Using sediment cores, Dermot Antoniades, Pierre Francus, Reinhard Pienitz, Warwick Vincent, and Guillaume St-Onge are analyzing the breakdown of Ellesmere Island?s ice shelves due to unprecedented climate warming over the last millennium.  Original article >>

02 November 2011
The Metro (Winnipeg) – A high school science teacher had the opportunity to engage in real life oceanographic research onboard the CCGS Amundsen as part of the ArcticNet Schools on Board program.  Original article >>

30 October 2011
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet graduate student Anya Gawor is conducting research onboard the CCGS Amundsen to determine how toxic chemicals are making their way to the Arctic through the air and water. These contaminants end up in high concentrations in the food chain, eventually creating health problems for wildlife and humans.  Original article >>

30 October 2011
Winnipeg Sun – Winnipeg students are experiencing Arctic science first hand onboard the research ice-breaker CCGS Amundsen as they participate in the ArcticNet Schools on Board program.  Original article >>

26 October 2011
Northern News Services – A Northern teacher spends 11 days onboard the research ice-breaker Amundsen and shares her experiences as part of the ArcticNet Schools on Board program.  Original article >>

20 October 2011
 –   Original article >>

17 October 2011
Northern News Services – Three Northern students experience life onboard the research vessel CCGS Amundsen as part of the ArcticNet Schools on Board program.  Original article >>

17 October 2011
Montreal Gazette (via LCC) – The annual ArcticNet Schools on Board program is giving students an opportunity to learn about Arctic science onboard the research vessel CCGS Amundsen.  Original article >>

11 October 2011 – A broadcast from students onboard the research vessel Amundsen connects with schools in the south, part of the annual ArcticNet Schools on Board program introducing youth to Arctic science.  Original article >>

01 October 2011
Policy Options – As ArcticNet project leader on international law and diplomacy, Michael Byers indicates that the time is ripe for Canada and the US to discuss the issue of the Northwest Passage.  Original article >>

01 October 2011
The Tyee – Michael Byers discusses the Arctic?s dwindling sea ice, the late Jack Layton?s strong stance on the climate change crisis, and why he would vote for environmental supporter Thomas Mulcair as leader of the NDP.  Original article >>

30 September 2011
BusinessWeek – Canada?s extensive ice shelves are breaking apart, report Luke Copland and Derek Mueller. Satellite imagery shows a rapid decline in ice extent, which will affect ice-dependent ecosystems and cause potential problems to offshore infrastructure as parts of these shelves float southwards. Research by Warwick Vincent shows a 90% reduction in aerial extent of the shelves over a 76-year period.  Original article >>

30 September 2011
Science –   Original article >>

29 September 2011 – Derek Mueller explains how Canada?s ice shelves are disappearing more rapidly than ever due to warmer temperatures and increased open water.  Original article >>

28 September 2011
Nunatsiaq News – Derek Mueller and Luke Copland discuss how a warmer climate and increased open water are causing Canada?s ice shelves to disappear.  Original article >>

28 September 2011
CTV Canada AM – Derek Mueller is interviewed concerning Canada?s rapidly shrinking ice shelves and the impact this break-up will have on fragile, ice-dependent ecosystems and offshore infrastructures.  Original article >>

28 September 2011
CBC – Canada?s ice shelves are disappearing at an alarming rate. Using satellite imagery, Derek Mueller and Luke Copland are mapping their dwindling extent from year to year.  Original article >>

28 September 2011 – As a result of climate change, Arctic sea ice extent is at a record low and Canada?s ice shelves such as the Serson and Ward Hunt are disappearing, says Derek Mueller.  Original article >>

27 September 2011
Carleton Newsroom, University of Ottawa News Releases and Announcements – ArcticNet researchers Derek Mueller and Luke Copland discuss how a warmer climate and more open water are causing Canada?s ice shelves to disappear. The associated research of Warwick Vincent and John England is described.  Original article >>

21 September 2011
Toronto District School Board Newsletter – A Toronto area high school student is heading to the Canadian Arctic onboard the research vessel Amundsen to participate in the ArcticNet Schools on Board program.  Original article >>

15 September 2011
Government of Canada News Release – Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture) Christian Paradis announces the $67.3 million 7-year renewal of ArcticNet, highlighting ArcticNet?s important role in understanding and coping with climate change in the Canadian Arctic.  Original article >>

15 September 2011
 –   Original article >>

15 September 2011
leSoleil – Louis Fortier comments on the recent 7-year ArcticNet renewal announcement by Minister Christian Paradis and the increasing need for funding as Arctic transformation accelerates. ArcticNet has achieved great success over its first 7 years in terms of climate change research and surveying the state of Inuit health.  Original article >>

15 September 2011
CBC – Louis Fortier comments on the delay in the official announcement of ArcticNet?s renewal by Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture) Christian Paradis. The renewal funding will help pay for annual research aboard the CCGS Amundsen  Original article >>

15 September 2011 – The government of Canada has awarded $67.3 million to ArcticNet for climate change research, the most significant financial contribution ever given to a Centre of Excellence.  Original article >>

15 September 2011
Nunatsiaq News – Scientific Director of ArcticNet Louis Fortier comments on the recent 7-year ArcticNet renewal announcement by Minister Christian Paradis and the future of ArcticNet?s collaborative research programs with Inuit organizations, industry and other science organizations.  Original article >>

09 September 2011
 –   Original article >>

29 August 2011
The Globe and Mail – The loss of Arctic sea ice will mean the opening of a new cargo shipping route to the Pacific, the Northwest Passage. Michael Byers reports from a conference on Arctic shipping on Canada?s potential role in facilitating access to this route for Asian companies.  Original article >>

24 August 2011
Toronto Star – Michael Byers examines the intricacies of the US-Canada joint Arctic seabed mapping effort as polar countries attempt to solidify their boundary claims under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.  Original article >>

23 August 2011
Global, iPolitics, Sing Tao Daily – Prime Minister Stephen Harper cancels his trip to Resolute in the wake of the deadly First Air Plane crash. His government?s support of Arctic research is a hotly debated topic and questions have arisen surrounding the lack of an official announcement for the significant funding renewal of ArcticNet by the Harper government. Louis Fortier comments on the state of funding for Arctic research in Canada.  Original article >>

21 August 2011
National Post – Scientific Director of ArcticNet, Louis Fortier, along with Michael Byers and John England comment on the need for Canada to take a leadership role in the Arctic after Prime Minister Harper?s cancellation of his Northern tour in the wake of the First Air plane crash in Resolute. Additional funding for Canadian Arctic science was expected to be announced in Resolute in coincidence with the recent Summit held onboard the CCGS Amundsen.  Original article >>

21 August 2011
Montreal Gazette, Times Colonist – The deadly plane crash in Resolute has disrupted Prime Minister Harper?s Northern tour. Harper?s Arctic Strategy is a hotly debated topic; Louis Fortier comments on funding for Arctic research in Canada.  Original article >>

20 August 2011
Vancouver Sun – Prime Minister Stephen Harper departs on his northern tour amid criticism that his government is not doing enough for Arctic climate change science. Louis Fortier, Michael Byers and John England comment on the need for Canada to take a leadership role in the Arctic.  Original article >>

18 August 2011
Financial Times – After his time onboard the CCGS Amundsen, Bernard Simon delves into the complex issues being raised by the impending opening of the Northwest Passage: sovereignty, controversial oil & gas reserves, and the opening of industrialized fishing and new shipping routes. Louis Fortier and Michael Byers are quoted.  Original article >>

18 August 2011
The New York Times, International Herald Tribune (19 August) – Michael Byers reflects that the international community needs to establish rules for operating in the ever-more-accessible Arctic in relation to seabed resources, commercial fishing and shipping.  Original article >>

17 August 2011
Calgary Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Nunatsiaq News (18 August) – Louis Fortier comments on Canada?s northern strategy on the eve of Prime Minister Harper?s annual Arctic voyage. Michael Byers and John England give their opinions on the government?s investment in the Arctic.  Original article >>

09 August 2011
La Presse – Former Prime Minister of France, Michel Rocard discusses Canadian sovereignty and the international community?s stance on Canada?s claim to the Northwest Passage in relation to his recent voyage on board the Amundsen for the International Science Summit at the invitation of ArcticNet.  Original article >>

03 August 2011
Peninsula News Review – One of the student?s selected for the ArcticNet Schools on Board program has received extensive support from her community for her upcoming voyage on the CCGS Amundsen.  Original article >>

18 July 2011
Branchez-vous Matin –   Original article >>

11 July 2011
leSoleil – Louis Fortier and Keith Levesque discuss the scientific sampling program for the upcoming 2011 Amundsen expedition, the collaboration with BP and the International Science Summit.  Original article >>

05 July 2011
CBC – Michael Byers examines the Prime Minister?s stance on the Canada-US Northwest Passage sovereignty issue, indicating that its high time Canada meets face to face with its southern neighbor to negotiate.  Original article >>

11 May 2011
Financial Times –   Original article >>

09 May 2011
The Globe and Mail – Michael Byers writes about the need for Canada to send adequate representation to the upcoming Arctic Council summit in Greenland.  Original article >>

05 May 2011
Nunatsiaq News – At Copenhagen?s conference on climate change, Duane Smith spoke about the risks to Arctic wildlife and Northerners caused by mercury contamination. A new assessment on mercury outlines the critical need to control mercury emissions globally.  Original article >>

30 March 2011
Discovery Channel – Discovery Channel?s Mighty Ships joins Chief Scientist Keith Levesque and the Canadian Coast Guard onboard the CCGS Amundsen for the 2010 ArcticNet expedition. The team of researchers scrambles to sample sea ice and recover oceanographic moorings while battling a constantly changing Arctic environment in the Canadian Beaufort Sea.  Original article >>

21 March 2011
Science Poles – The diminishing Arctic sea ice extent, ocean-atmosphere interactions and climate change are touched on in this interview with ArcticNet Network Investigator David Barber.  Original article >>

03 March 2011
The Economist – Territory disputes are arising in the Arctic regions between Inuit and industry due to economic and environmental reasons. Michael Byers indicates that inter-country tensions over land-claims are non-existent in comparison.  Original article >>

15 February 2011
CBC – Louis Fortier discusses how public-private partnerships aboard the Amundsen ensure the use of high-quality scientific data for Arctic drilling evaluations and how collaborations with industry are helping to fund new Arctic social research programs.  Original article >>

14 February 2011
The Guardian, Reuters – ArcticNet Network Investigator John England from University of Alberta is quoted in this article about the invasion of southern species in the Arctic.  Original article >>

08 February 2011
Asia Times – With the world's largest non-nuclear research icebreaker, Xue Long (Snow Dragon), China seems to be moving forward with its own agenda to secure its presence in the Arctic Ocean. ArcticNet Network Investigator Frederic Lasserre published in June 2010 a report on China?s past and present state of affairs in the Arctic.  Original article >>

08 February 2011
The Globe and Mail – ArcticNet Network Investigator Andrew Derocher from University of Alberta published a report in the scientific journal Nature Communications about the issue of habitat loss faced by the different polar bear populations across the Circum-Arctic.  Original article >>

26 January 2011
Globe and Mail – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers is quoted in this article about the negotiation process to settle polar boundary disputes between Canada and other Arctic countries.  Original article >>

25 January 2011
Vancouver Sun – A new poll suggests that Canadians feel a greater concern about their Arctic region compared to the citizens of the other 7 Arctic countries. ArcticNet Network Investigators, Michael Byers and Rob Huebert, explain the differences in attitude between the countries and describe what the poll reveals in terms of government priorities.  Original article >>

21 January 2011
Nunatsiaq News –   Original article >>

20 January 2011
CBC, Le Devoir, UQAR-info, Cyberpresse –   Original article >>

07 January 2011
Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, CBC – In an attempt to demonstrate leadership in its Arctic foreign policy, Canada will soon sign a multilateral treaty defining responsibilities in search-and-rescue operations in the Arctic Ocean. ArcticNet Network Investigators Rob Huebert and Michael Byers say this is very significant but also that in order to fulfill its role, Canada will need to invest massively in its northern infrastructures.  Original article >>

01 January 2011 – Using footage shot during the ArcticNet research expeditions onboard the CCGS Amundsen, University of Victoria?s Maeva Gauthier produced a video called ?Before the Ice Melts?. The video featured on a Radio Canada International-powered website shows marine biodiversity research in the Arctic for Census of Marine Life Canada.  Original article >>