ArcticNet in the News

ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2006

30 December 2006
The National ? January 10, 2007; New York Times, Le Devoir ? December 30, 2006; Reuters, Los Angeles Times, CNN News, Seattle Times, Washington Post, the Independent, Toronto Star ? December 29, 2006; CanWest News, Ottawa Citizen, The Gazette, National Post, Times Colonist, Star Phoenix, Vancouver Sun, Windsor Sun, Edmonton Journal, The Province, Calgary Herald, CH News, Global BC and Global News ? December 28, 2006  – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and ArcticNet Investigator Warwick Vincent are quoted in articles about the mass of ice (the size of 11,000 football fields) that broke clear from the coast of Ellesmere Island.

29 December 2006
 – Scientific Director Louis Fortier was quoted in a article that focused on the issue of climate change and its impacts on the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

26 December 2006
Winnipeg Sun – An article written by ArcticNet Schools on Board participant Rachel Rathborne, in which she discusses her experiences and knowledge gained from participating in the program in fall 2006.

22 December 2006
Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun ? January 2, 2007; Nunatsiaq News ? December 22, 2006 – Articles that discussed the International Polar Year and the Inuit Health Survey planned for Nunavut and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in 2007, quote ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and Network Investigator Dr. Grace Egeland, who leads the Inuit Health Survey.

17 December 2006
Radio-Canada ? December 17, 2006; Toronto Star ? December 16, 2006; Calgary Herald, CanWest News Service, CBC News, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette ? December 15, 2006; CBC News, CanWest News Service, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Kamloops Daily News, Edmonton Journal, Windsor Star, National Post, Victoria Times Colonist ? December 14, 2006; A-Channel News, CBC News ? December 12, 2006 – ArcticNet held its Annual Scientific Meeting in Victoria, B.C. from December 12 to 15, 2006 and several researchers who presented their findings were featured in the media.

14 December 2006
Ottawa Citizen – 

13 December 2006
Victoria Times Colonist – At the ArcticNet annual conference, Network Investigator Dr. David Barber discussed climate change and the melting of Arctic ice.

12 December 2006
Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, National Geographic, CBC News ? December 12, 2006 – The results of a study by ArcticNet Investigator Bruno Tremblay and his colleagues, published in Geophysical Research Letters, found that global warming could melt almost all of the ice in the Arctic (during the summer months) by the year 2040.

20 November 2006
Radio-Canada ? November 20, 2006; Le Soleil ? November 11, 2006; RDI en direct, RDI/Dominique Poirier en direct, Radio-Canada, CBC-TV ? November 8, 2006; Radio-Canada ? November 7, 2006 – 

06 November 2006
San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, The Washington Post ? November 6, 2006 – An article written by Washington Post journalist Doug Struck quotes ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers on Canada?s sovereignty of the Northwest Passage and the danger of foreign ships using the passage, possibly resulting in Canada loosing its claim.

05 November 2006
The Washington Post, New York Sun, Houston Chronicle, Detroit News, Seattle Times, South Coast Today, Journal Gazette – ArcticNet Network Investigators Gary Stern and Michael Byers are quoted in an article in which Washington Post journalist Doug Struck recounts his time spent onboard the CCGS Amundsen during the 2006 ArcticNet Expedition. A short video shot onboard the Amundsen includes interviews with ArcticNet Network Investigators Michael Byers, Suzanne Lalonde, Gary Stern, ArcticNet ship-based coordinator and graduate student Keith Levesque, and research technician Jason Bartlett, among others.

03 November 2006
Nunatsiaq News – An article about upcoming plans to use the CCGS Amundsen for a health survey in Nunavut quotes ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier, Network Manager Martin Fortier, and Network Investigator Gary Stern.

01 November 2006
CBC News – Gary Stern, ArcticNet Network Investigator and chief scientist onboard the CCGS Amundsen for the 2006 ArcticNet Expedition, was quoted in an article on rising mercury levels in Arctic marine mammals and the role of climate change in this increase.

01 November 2006
CBC-The National –  ArcticNet Network Investigator David Barber discussed ArcticNet, reductions in sea ice, and climate change and its implications.

01 November 2006

31 October 2006
CBC News – ArcticNet Network Investigator Gary Stern is quoted in an article that discusses the lack of ice observed by scientists onboard the CCGS Amundsen when they travelled from Eastern Arctic waters through to the Beaufort Sea in the west, on the way to Frobisher Bay.

30 October 2006
CBC North/North Beat – Coverage of the special meeting, hosted by ArcticNet, onboard the CCGS Amundsen to showcase the Network and the support of its Northern Partners.

30 October 2006
Le Devoir ? October 30, 2006; Edmonton Journal ? October 27, 2006 – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and ArcticNet Investigators Michael Byers, Gary Stern and David Barber are quoted in separate articles that discuss the inevitability of the melting of Arctic ice, the opening of the Northwest Passage and the Arctic sovereignty issue.

28 October 2006
CBC Radio Online – The second instalment of the radio program ?Quirks and Quarks? on the CCGS Amundsen and ArcticNet. This segment discussed the science in more detail and the strong evidence for climate change being observed now by scientists and northerners. ArcticNet Network Investigators Gary Stern and Donald Forbes were interviewed.

28 October 2006

28 October 2006
Winnipeg Sun, Winnipeg Free Press ? October 28, 2006; Le Soleil ? October 22, 2006; Oak Bay News ? October 18, 2006; Quebec Express, Charlesbourg Express ? October 17, 2006; TQS (Le Grand journal) ? October 16, 2006; RDI, Radio-Énergie, CBC, CHRCO-Radio, CHOI-Radio, Journal de Québec, TVA ? October 14, 2006; Radio-Canada, CBC Regional News ? October 13, 2006 – Several students and teachers along with ArcticNet Network Manager Martin Fortier and Program Coordinator for Schools on Board Lucette Barber are featured and interviewed about the Schools on Board program. The ArcticNet-supported program begins October 30 in Iqaluit, onboard the CCGS Amundsen, and ends November 9 in Québec City.

27 October 2006
Toronto Star – An article, written by ArcticNet investigator Michael Byers, on the melting sea-ice and Canada?s claim to the Northwest Passage.

19 October 2006
CBC-TV/Doc Zone – A one-hour documentary, entitled ?Arctic Rush,? addresses the challenges and opportunities brought by Arctic warming and a reduction of the sea-ice cover. Several ArcticNet researchers, Board members and collaborators such as David Barber, Robert Corell and Sheila Watt-Cloutier are featured, among others.

14 October 2006
CBC Radio Online – Jeff Lebans, producer for the CBC Radio program ?Quirks and Quarks,? spent several days onboard the CCGS Amundsen observing the science and interviewing scientists, technicians and students. A daily diary about his experience is available online, as well as an interview with ?Quirks and Quarks? host Bob McDonald.

30 September 2006
Above & Beyond ? Sept./Oct. 2006 issue – An article appears entitled "Living with climatic and environmental change in Nunavut," by James Ford, an ArcticNet Ph.D. student. ArcticNet is mentioned in the acknowledgements.

29 September 2006
Ottawa Sun – September 29, 2006 ? Seven students from across the country have been selected to participate in an Arctic journey organized by ArcticNet. The students will join scientists aboard the CCGS Amundsen to complete a science mission in Northern Labrador.

28 September 2006

28 September 2006
Le Nouvelliste, La Presse (3 articles) – ArcticNet Scientific Director Dr. Louis Fortier is quoted in articles on the melting permafrost and the situation of the polar bear as a result.

07 September 2006
CBC Morning Show – An interview with ArcticNet Network Manager Dr. Martin Fortier focused on the ArcticNet research program, the 2006 ArcticNet Expedition onboard the CCGS Amundsen and related activities, including community visits and the Schools on Board program.

07 September 2006
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network-National News Primetime – An interview with ArcticNet Network Manager Dr. Martin Fortier discussed why ArcticNet uses a ship to study the Arctic, what the network has found regarding climate change in the Arctic and what it will do with the results.

07 September 2006
CBC News – ArcticNet Network Manager Dr. Martin Fortier is quoted in this article about ArcticNet?s 2006 expedition onboard the CCGS Amundsen and the work that over 40 ArcticNet scientists are conducting.

06 September 2006
Globe and Mail – ArcticNet Board of Director member Dr. Robert Correll is quoted on the issue of methane and carbon dioxide released from permafrost and the work of scientists developing research programs to better understand this effect of climate change.

01 September 2006
 – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier is quoted in a feature about the challenges Canada will face with the melting of arctic ice and the opening of the Northwest Passage.

19 August 2006
Toronto Star – ArcticNet Network Investigator Dr. Michael Byers is quoted on the response of the federal government to the sovereignty issue.

18 August 2006
National Post, Victoria Times Colonist – ArcticNet investigator Gary Stern is leading a study in the Arctic that will monitor mercury and other metals in beluga whales.

17 August 2006
Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun – ArcticNet Network Investigator and Theme 3 Leader Dr. David Barber is quoted on the rapidly thinning and melting arctic sea ice, which he believes will result in an ice-free summer by 2050, give or take 30 years.

17 August 2006
Canadian Press – ArcticNet Network Investigator Dr. Michael Byers is quoted in this article that discusses a recent exploration permit granted to a B.C. mining company for Hans Island, a territory that is under dispute between Canada and Denmark.

16 August 2006
Canwest News Service – This article references the research of Steve Solomon, an ArcticNet collaborator on a project investigating the sensitivity of the Arctic coastal zone to a range of climate change effects.

15 August 2006
Canadian Press – An Article featuring ArcticNet Network Investigator Greg Henry who spoke at the Coastal Zone Canada 2006 Conference about his research to determine the effects of environmental variability and change on terrestrial ecosystems of the eastern coastal Canadian Arctic.

14 August 2006
Canadian Press ? August 14, 2006; Canadian Press, Canwest News Service, Vancouver Sun ? August 12, 2006 – Duane Smith, President of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference and member of ArcticNet?s Board of Directors, and ArcticNet Network Investigators Drs. Greg Flato and Michael Byers are quoted in different articles that discuss the Arctic sovereignty issue.

04 August 2006
Nunatsiaq News – A research project, led by ArcticNet Network Investigators Drs. John Hanesiak and Ron Stewart, is studying weather and severe storms in the eastern Canadian Arctic. The project is funded by the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences but is a direct result of, and complementary to, ArcticNet-funded research on the vulnerabilities and adaptation to meteorological and related hazards in the Arctic.

15 June 2006
Globe and Mail – ArcticNet Network Investigator David Barber is quoted in an article that discusses the inevitability of the melting of Arctic ice and the opening of the Northwest Passage.

14 June 2006
2 articles - CBC News – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers is quoted in two articles that discuss the decisions Ottawa needs to make now to prepare for future challenges to Canada's sovereignty.

12 June 2006
Nunavut News – An ArcticNet team, led by Network Investigator Dr. Warwick Vincent, visited the Nunavut community of Resolute to discuss the possibility of establishing a partnership with the local school to study global warming using technology that is already available at the school.

01 June 2006
Headway (McGill University magazine) – ArcticNet is mentioned in this article featuring the research of ArcticNet Network Investigators Wayne Pollard, Murray Humphries, and Grace Egeland.

29 May 2006
Toronto Star – An article by ArcticNet-funded Ph.D. candidate James Ford discusses the serious challenge of climate change in Canada, including the Arctic, and the need for government to take a leadership role and treat global warming as a serious issue.

26 May 2006
Le Monde ? May 26, 2006; Ottawa Citizen ? May 23, 2006 – ArcticNet Network Investigator Michael Byers is quoted in articles about Arctic sovereignty and on the military?s push for a less expensive means of guarding Canada?s Arctic.

25 May 2006
CBC News – ArcticNet Network Investigator Derek Muir is quoted in an article on the major drop in levels of perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) found in ring seals in the Arctic since the chemical was removed from Scotchgard stain repellent and other products in 2000.

23 May 2006
CBC News – ArcticNet Network Investigator Martin Sharp is quoted in an article on the need to understand how much water is coming from melting ice in the Canadian Arctic, a region which has the largest amount of ice on the planet besides Greenland and Antarctica, and how much it is contributing to sea-level change.

18 May 2006
DFO Web site – An article discusses research by ArcticNet Network Investigators Gary Stern and Robie MacDonald on the rising mercury levels in the beluga whales in the western Arctic?s Beaufort Sea. ArcticNet and the NCE Program are mentioned in the article.

15 May 2006
Globe and Mail ? May 15, 2006; Tierramérica ? April 22, 2006; Edmonton Journal, CanWest News Service ? April 13, 2006; Globe and Mail ? April 6, 2006; Globe and Mail ? March 24, 2006 – ArcticNet investigator Michael Byers writes or is quoted about the joint Canadian-Danish expedition to map an underwater mountain ridge in the Arctic Ocean in the hopes of proving legal rights to vast areas of seabed.

13 May 2006
Le Devoir – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier discusses climate change and its effects on the Arctic. The NCE program is mentioned in the article.

12 May 2006
CBC News – Jose Kusugak, an ArcticNet Board member and head of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, comments about the reaction of Canadian Inuit to the World Conservation Union's upgrading of the polar bear?s status to "vulnerable" on its red list of species in danger, a decision that Kusugak indicated was made without consulting Inuit and, in his opinion, was not based on facts.

12 May 2006
Nunatsiaq News – 

20 April 2006
 – Ninety of Canada's leading climate researchers, including ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and Project Leader Gordon McBean, have sent a missive to Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling on him to show "national leadership" on climate change.

19 April 2006
Press Release – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier attended a dinner held by Corporate Knights magazine to honour Brian Mulroney as the Greenest Prime Minister in Canadian History. Part of the proceeds of the event will go to ArcticNet.

18 April 2006
Globe and Mail ? April 18, 2006; Vancouver Sun ? April 10, 2006; Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen ? April 9, 2006; USA Today ? April 4, 2006 – ArcticNet investigator Michael Byers is quoted in several articles about Arctic sovereignty and Canada?s claim to the Northwest Passage.

15 April 2006

11 April 2006
Le Quotidien – According to Bruno Tremblay, an oceanographer from Chicoutimi, the measures contained in the Kyoto Protocol are not enough to halt global warming and its effects. ArcticNet is mentioned in the article.

03 April 2006
Time Magazine – A feature on ArcticNet and the effects of global warming in the Arctic. ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and Network Manager Martin Fortier are quoted in the article.

27 February 2006
London Free Press – An editorial about the new government and the Kyoto Protocol quotes ArcticNet Theme Leader Gordon McBean.

27 February 2006
The Manitoban, Volume 93, Issue 22 ? February 27, 2006; Toronto Star ? February 19, 2006; Le Devoir ? February 17, 2006; ? February 16, 2006;,, Whitehorse Star, St. John's Telegram, Le Droit, Le Devoir, La Presse, Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Charlottetown Guardian, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Calgary Herald, London Free Press, Edmonton Sun, Regina Leader-Post, Hamilton Spectator, Edmonton Journal, Winnipeg Free Press, National Post, Kingston Whig-Standard, The Brandon Sun ? February 15, 2006; Globe and Mail ? February 14, 2006 – Polar ice is melting at a rate of about 74,000 square kilometres each year ? an area the size of Lake Superior. ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and theme leader David Barber say it is too late to reverse the climate change damage done in the Arctic but measures need to be taken now to minimize it in the future.

26 February 2006
Calgary Sun ? February 26, 2006; CBS News/60 Minutes ? February 19, 2006; UK Times Online ? February 10, 2006 – ArcticNet Board member Robert Corel discusses the polar bear hunting controversy and the U.S. review under way to determine if the polar bear should be listed as an endangered species.

19 February 2006
Toronto Star – ArcticNet Theme Leader David Barber is quoted in an article on the Conservative government's apparent disinterest in the Kyoto Protocol.

18 February 2006
Le Soleil – A major question in understanding Arctic warming was cleared up during a CASES conference in Winnipeg. According to Louis Fortier, Scientific Director of ArcticNet, the winds over the Arctic Ocean normally turn in a clockwise direction, but over the last 15 years they have turned counter-clockwise or not at all. The change in direction makes the ice less compacted and allows the surface water to warm up and the ice to melt.

17 February 2006
Toronto Star – ArcticNet Theme Leader Gordon McBean is quoted in an article about the melting of the Greenland glaciers due to global warming.

30 January 2006
The Tyee ? January 30, 2006; Le Devoir ? January 24, 2006; Winnipeg Free Press ? January 7, 2006; National Post ? December 19, 2005 – According to ArcticNet investigator Michael Byers, the fact that Canada has spent nothing on Arctic sovereignty over the last 20 years and has no way of tracking what goes on in the North could threaten Canada?s claim to hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of the North, including the Northwest Passage.

16 January 2006
Le Quotidien, La Presse – ArcticNet Scientific Director, Louis Fortier, was honoured as the Personality of the Year in the "Applied Science, Humanities and Technology" category at the 22nd Gala Excellence "La Presse/Radio-Canada".

07 January 2006
Le Soleil – An article about Arctic warming features ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier who says that polar bears, seals and Arctic cod could face extinction in the near future if the Arctic sea-ice continues to melt at its current rate.