ArcticNet in the News

ArcticNet in the news

ArcticNet in the News - Year 2005

13 December 2005
The Ottawa Citizen – An article on climate change by Michael Byers, an ArcticNet Network Investigator and Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia.

09 December 2005
Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun – According to ArcticNet theme leader David Barber the Arctic pack ice is retreating so rapidly that the Northwest Passage could be open within 10 to 15 years. That would leave Canada with serious sovereignty concerns if it doesn't act soon to claim the waterway. ArcticNet investigator Michael Byers is also quoted in the article.

02 December 2005
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier is one of more than 40 noted Arctic researchers who signed an open letter to the Prime Minister asking for immediate action on climate change and more money for climate research.

17 November 2005
Rolling Stone Magazine ? issue No. 987 – ArcticNet Board members Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Robert Correll are featured in ?Warriors & Heroes: Twenty-five leaders who are fighting to stave off the planetwide catastrophe,? for their work in the Arctic.

25 October 2005
New York Times – Mention of ArcticNet investigator David Barber in this article about Arctic warming.

24 October 2005
La Tribune (Sherbrooke) – 

17 October 2005
La Presse ? October 17, 2005 (pages A6 & A7); La Presse ? October 16, 2005 – A series of articles features several ArcticNet investigators and their research projects being conducted aboard the CCGS Amundsen and in the Arctic.

17 October 2005
Winnipeg Free Press – ArcticNet?s Schools On Board program, lead by theme leader David Barber, is featured in this article.

11 October 2005
Le Soleil – Several ArcticNet Investigators are featured in this article on the research being conducted aboard the CCGS Amundsen.

10 October 2005
New York Times – ArcticNet Board Member Sheila Watt-Cloutier is quoted in this article about the effects of the melting Arctic ice cap. The article has a link to a video extract of the documentary Examining the Arctic Melt, that looks at efforts to study, and fight, the melting of the Arctic ice cap and features ArcticNet researchers David Barber and Michel Poulin while they were conducting work in Churchill last spring. The video also features Sheila Watt-Cloutier and another ArcticNet Board member, Bob Correll.

04 October 2005
Globe and Mail – ArcticNet Board member Mr. James Eetoolook of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., is mentioned in an article about an Inuit climate change terminology workshop held in Iqaluit and co-sponsored by ArcticNet.

18 September 2005
 – Extensive coverage of the departure of the CCGS Amundsen for its 2005 ArcticNet expedition to the Canadian Arctic. ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier and Network Manager Martin Fortier discuss the second research mission.

02 September 2005
Nunatsiaq News – ArcticNet Network Manager, Martin Fortier, during a visit to Iqaluit, said that researchers who study the Arctic need to work together and share their findings in order to help change government policy.

06 August 2005
Le Devoir – An article about the effects of global warming mentions ArcticNet and its Scientific Director, Louis Fortier.

26 July 2005
Grist Magazine – Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a member of the ArcticNet Board of Directors, is defending the Inuit way of life and fighting climate change in the Arctic with a human-rights petition against the world's largest, most recalcitrant greenhouse-gas emitter, the country the Inuit say is driving them extinct: the United States of America. The petition will make the connection between climate change and human rights and will ask the Inter-American Commission to recognize the international obligation of the United States for its failure to take action to protect the environment, and to recognize the implications of U.S. inaction for people both inside and outside the United States.

22 July 2005
Re$earch Money, Volume 19, Number 12 – An article about the fourth International Polar Year mentions ArcticNet.

23 June 2005
Press Release – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier has been appointed member of the NSERC Council for a three-year term.

27 May 2005
Nunatsiaq News – An article about research being conducted in the High Arctic by ArcticNet researchers, Vincent St-Louis and Martin Sharp, and graduate student Jane Kirk.

20 April 2005
The Globe and Mail – Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a member of the ArcticNet Board of Directors, won the 2005 Sophia Environment Prize for drawing attention to the impact of climate change and pollution on the traditional lifestyles of the Arctic's indigenous people and others.

13 April 2005
Inuit Circumpolar Conference Press Release – Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a member of the ArcticNet Board of Directors, was elected one of seven ?Champions of the Earth? by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for her contributions in addressing global climate change.

20 February 2005
La Presse – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier was elected Person of the Week by La Presse.

16 February 2005
(...) – ArcticNet Board member Sheila Watt-Cloutier has recently been appointed by the Prime Minister to the National Round Table on Environment and Economy.

20 January 2005 – ArcticNet?s Scientific Director, Louis Fortier, was recognized as Radio-Canada 2004 Scientist of the Year in a ceremony held aboard the CCGS Amundsen.

14 January 2005
Saint John Times Globe, Kingston Whig-Standard – An article about climate change in the Arctic mentions ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier.

10 January 2005
CBC The National – ArcticNet Scientific Director Louis Fortier was featured in a half-hour episode aired on ?The National.?

08 January 2005
 – An article about Arctic warming included comments by ArcticNet?s Scientific Director, Louis Fortier.

01 January 2005
Pluie de science ? January 2005, Number 14 – ArcticNet and its Scientific Director, Louis Fortier, were mentioned in an article about the Schools on Board project that was published in this Webzine. The Schools on Board project gives Grade 10 and 11 students from Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia the chance to live in the Arctic with scientists aboard the CCGS Amundsen.