CCGS Amundsen Helicopter Crash

Marc Thibault

Commanding Officer of the CCGS Amundsen

Daniel Dubé

CCGS Amundsen Helicopter Pilot

Dr. Klaus Hochheim

ArcticNet Scientist

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the loss of three of our colleagues and friends following the crash of the CCGS Amundsen’s helicopter on the evening of 09 September 2013 in the icy waters of M’Clure Strait in the Canadian Arctic.

Mr. Marc Thibault, Commanding Officer of the CCGS Amundsen, Mr. Daniel Dubé, helicopter pilot onboard the vessel and Dr. Klaus Hochheim, research scientist at the Centre for Earth Observation Science of the University of Manitoba, were concluding an helicopter ice survey when the tragic accident took place.

The ArcticNet management sends its profound condolences to their families and our thoughts are with our colleagues at the University of Manitoba and the Canadian Coast Guard during this very difficult time. Our small Arctic research family is mourning the loss of three brothers.

Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board, with the support of officials from the Canadian Coast Guard and the Department of Transport, will work to provide further insight on this tragedy in the coming weeks.

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Information and obituary for Dr. Klaus Hochheim

Information and obituary for Mr. Marc Thibault

Information and obituary for Mr. Daniel Dubé

We would like to send our sincere thanks to the hundreds of people who have sent us their messages of support and condolence to the families and colleagues of Marc, Daniel and Klaus.

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