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ArcticNet, together with the Nasivvik Centre for Inuit Health and Changing Environments and the Northern Contaminants Program, support a regional Inuit Research Advisor (IRA) position in each of the four Inuit Land Claim regions of the Canadian Arctic. The Inuit Research Advisors can help facilitate research in Inuit regions for these programs on contaminants, climate change and environmental health and engage Inuit in undertaking research activities of importance to their communities.

The Inuit Research Advisors are knowledgeable and resourceful contacts for their regions. They are available to:

  • Assist and advise researchers and Inuit communities in making the appropriate connections during the proposal development and during the project.
  • Assist and advise researchers and Inuit communities in dissemination and communication of research results.
  • Assist in the development of new Inuit-driven research projects
  • Identify and engage youth in training and educational opportunities and build research capacity in each region

The Inuit Research Advisors for the four Inuit regions are:

  • Inuvialuit Settlement Region - Shannon O'Hara Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
  • Nunavik - Monica Nashak, Kativik Regional Government
  • Nunatsiavut - Carla Pamak, Nunatsiavut Government
  • Nunavut – to be determined shortly

With support from ArcticNet, Nasivvik, the Northern Contaminants Program and the four Inuit land claim organizations, these four highly motivated representatives are a first step in a more coordinated approach to community involvement and coordination of Arctic science and represent a new way of knowledge sharing and engagement.

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