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Leah Braithwaite
Executive Director
ArcticNet Inc.

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Leah has worked for multiple Canadian federal government departments and agencies including Research Associate – University of Guelph; Space Life Sciences Project Manager - Canadian Space Agency; Program Officer - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; Senior Science Advisor - Fisheries and Oceans Canada; and as Chief of Applied Science and Acting Director of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Canadian Ice Service (CIS). Her work has been recognized with a variety of awards including Distinguished Thesis, Best Graduate Student Papers at international and national Conferences and the Deputy Ministers Prix d’excellence while at DFO. She has contributed to a variety of northern initiatives over her career including the Canadian IPY Science Advisory Committee, the ArcticNet Research Management Committee, the North American and International Ice Service Science Working Groups, she co-Chairs the Polar Data Catalogue Steering Committee and recently joined the Science Steering Committee of the US Study of Environmental Arctic CHange (SEARCH) and the Board of Directors of the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility. Since July 2016 she has been on assignment from her substantive position as Chief – Applied Science (CIS) in the Canadian Federal Public Service as Executive Director – ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence.


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Polar Data Management for Northern Science

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