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David J. Thomas
President and Chairman
The Axys Group

David Thomas is a semi-retired chemical oceanographer and businessman in Victoria B.C.

He is a co-founder and acted as managing director of the The AXYS Group of Companies which include service and manufacturing entities such as AXYS Technologies Inc., AXYS Analytical Services, Arctic Laborato_ries Ltd, Seastar Chemicals, Seastar Optics and others in Europe and Asia.

Most of the Companies over the years have emphasized many activities in the Arctic and polar regions. Examples include the development of novel equipment and sensors used in oceanographic research and monitoring in harsh climates and environmental conditions, marine weather management systems, wind prospecting, support for offshore industrial activities such as oil and gas exploration and mining operations. AXYS equipment and sensors are deployed in over 50 countries worldwide.

As a chemical oceanographer, David Thomas has been active conducting research and development in the circumpolar marine and estuarine regions since 1974 in the subject areas of environmental chemistry, environmental impact assessment, environmental law, human heath contaminant issues and the long-range transport of persistent organic pollutants and emerging chemical contaminants.


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