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Shawn Meredyk
Professionnel d?instrumentation de Mouillages
ArcticNet Inc.

Research Experiences: Tropical Shark Research (lemon, tiger, nurse, black tips) at the Bimini Biological Research Station in the Bahamas (volunteer); Ocean Engineering Intern, worked on the submarine robotic genetic laboratory at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) ; Ocean Engineering Intern, built an AUV oceanographic sensor array at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI); Canadian Arctic Acoustic Ecology / Soundscape Research in Repulse Bay, NT (Honours research); Invasive Marine Algal Virology in Canadian ports (Masters Research); Canadian sub-Arctic (Hudson Strait Coral Hotspot) deep-sea coral conservation modelling (DFO); Oceanographic and geological data analysis from ROPOS (ROV) relative to deep-sea coral and sponge abundance and distribution offshore Newfoundland and Labrador (Masters research);


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