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Alexandre Forest
Amundsen Science

I have completed my PhD in Arctic oceanography at Laval University in December 2008. My PhD project was on the physical and biological forcing of vertical carbon fluxes in southern Beaufort Sea. In 2009, I moved to Tromso (Norway) for a postdoctoral fellowship within the Arctos Marine Research Network. I am now back in Canada where I continue my postdoctoral research on biogenic particle fluxes and plankton ecology in pan-Arctic seas. My main work is related to the long-term monitoring of physical and biogeochemical changes in Canadian Arctic waters as part of the ArcticNet Moored Marine Observatory Program.


Project Member

ArcticNet Long-Term Oceanic Observatories: Continuation and Synthesis of the Existing Decadal Records of Physical and Biogeochemical Signals

The Arctic Cod (Boreogadus saida) Ecosystem of the Beaufort Sea: Synthesis of Decadal Records

Primary Address

Amundsen Science

, Quebec G1V 0A6

Phone: 418-654-3841