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Martin Fortier
Executive Director
ArcticNet Inc.

ArcticNet Member(Biography) Martin Fortier completed his Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography at Université Laval in 1999. From 1999 to 2003, he was the scientific coordinator of the International North Water Polynya Study (NOW) and of the Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES) International Arctic Research Networks, involving more than 120 leading experts in Arctic science from 10 Canadian universities, 4 federal departments, and 9 foreign countries. In 2002, Dr. Fortier was heavily involved in the implementation of the refit and modification of the CCGS Amundsen into a state-of–the–art research icebreaker. Dr. Fortier has since served as chief scientist on 7 expeditions onboard the CCGS Amundsen, including its inaugural voyage in 2003. Dr. Fortier was appointed as Executive Director of the ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) in the fall of 2003. As the world’s largest national Arctic research network, ArcticNet brings together scientists and managers in the natural, human health and social sciences with their partners in Inuit organizations, northern communities, government and industry to help Canadians face the impacts and opportunities of climate change and globalization in the Arctic. Dr. Fortier currently serves on numerous national and international boards and committees, including the Advisory Boards of the Arctic Tipping Point EU Program, of the Norwegian Arctic Frontiers Conference and of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Polar Commission.


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