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Yves Bégin
Vice-recteur à la recherche et aux affaires académiques
Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Yves Bégin is Vice-rector Research and Academic Affairs of Québec?s National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) since 2013 and was Director of the Research Centre on Water, Earth and the Environment from 2007 and 2013. After a PhD in biogeography, he has been professor at the University of Moncton in New Brunswick, but he spent most of his career as a professor-researcher at Laval University (1985-2007). There, he has been for height years the Director of the Centre for Northern Studies (CEN). In addition of being an expert in northern studies, Yves Bégin is a generalist in environmental science and a specialist in the evaluation of water resources. Among his achievements within scientific organizations, he contributed to set up in Northeastern Canada one of the largest network of research stations in the circumpolar North (Qaujisarvik Network). He also contributed to the set up a network of climatological stations in the same region (SILA Network). The stations are distributed within an area covering 4,500 km of latitude between 53 and 83ºN. He is a member of some organizations and boards in environmental science and he is known as a especially interested in environmental technologies. At INRS, he leads a research group developing new technologies dedicated to improving the energy autonomy of northern infrastructure, their stability in the context of climate change, and the water and energy provisioning of northern urban and industrial infrastructure. He participated in, and even occasionally organized, international meetings on climate change science and adaptation. For example, as a member of a Canadian delegation in a State visit to Russia, he gave conferences on the benefits of the Kyoto Protocol for circumpolar communities; he also presented at the Science and Technology for Society Forum in Kyoto. Lastly, he is a member of about fifteen scientific or administrative boards of different organizations in science and technologies. His research interests are the assessment of long-term variations in water supply in the area of generation of hydro-electric power, climatic impacts of reservoir and large lakes, dendrochronological reconstruction of past climate, instrumental and experimental studies of climate impact on northern forest ecosystems.


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