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Lauren Candlish
Research Associate
University of Manitoba

I am currently the Integrated Regional Impact Studies (IRIS) coordinator for Hudson Bay. As a student my ArcticNet research activities involved studying the role of clouds in the radiative energy transfer over sea ice. In order to do this I compared field data, satellite data and model output. This study was published in my thesis titled "An Investigation of Atmospheric Temperature, Humidity and Cloud Detection Techniques over the Arctic Marine Cryosphere." My current research is a comparison of in-situ, forecast and re-analysis winds over sea ice in the Beaufort Sea.


Project Member

Sea Ice - Understanding and Modelling Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere Biogeochemical Coupling in a Changing Climate

Primary Address

University of Manitoba
Centre for Earth Observation Science
535 Wallace Building, 125 Dysart Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2