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Connie Lovejoy
Université Laval

(Biography) Connie Lovejoy (Marine Microbial Ecologist, Laval): She was appointed to the Département de Biologie at ULAVAL through an NSERC University Faculty Award. Her primary focus is on the molecular microbiology of the Arctic Ocean, coastal and inflowing waters. She has published on the biodiversity of phytoplankton, protists, bacteria and archaea, with an emphasis on their roles in carbon and nutrient cycling. In addition to standard molecular biology facilities (gel systems, thermocylers, -80 freezers, hybridization systems), her lab is also equipped with a multi-chromophore quantitative-PCR system, a fluorescence inverted microscope with cold stage, two bioreactors, a biosafety cabinet for level 2 work and an incubator for algal cultures. Dr. Lovejoy has collaborated with many of the leading researchers in the field and provides students with the opportunity to work at the highest scientific level. Her taxonomic and molecular approaches will enhance other components of the project.


Project Member

Hidden Biodiversity and Vulnerability of Hard-Bottom and Surrounding Environments in the Canadian Arctic

Arc3Bio (Marine Biodiversity, Biological Productivity and Biogeochemistry in the Changing Canadian Arctic)

Impacts of the Changing Global Environment at Nunavut?s Northern Frontier

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