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Lucette Barber
Program Coordinator, Schools on Board
University of Manitoba

Lucette holds a bachelors degree in Recreation Studies from the University of Manitoba, and an Arts degree from the University of Waterloo. Her research interests include environmental education and climate change research. Her experience in program planning has been instrumental in the conception and development of the Schools on Board program - an outreach program of ArcticNet. The goal of this program is to bridge Arctic climate change research and science education. This a achieved with a 3- component program that includes: 1) a Schools on Board Network of educators, scientists and agencies; 2) a Schools on Board Field Program that takes students and teachers on board the CCGS Amundsen, to learn about, and experience fieldwork while the ship is in full 'research mode', and 3) an Arctic Climate Change Youth Forum, co-hosted every 2 years, with a high school, in conjunction with an ArcticNet science meeting. Lucette has led and accompanied three successful Schools on Board field programs on board the CCGS Amundsen as part of the CASES and ArcticNet science expeditions. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Environment program at the University of Manitoba. Her research project "Scientific Outreach - Bridging Environmental Science Education in High Schools with Scientific Research" is a case study of the Schools on Board program. She is a member of Project 3.6. Recents awards include: an Outreach Award from the University of Manitoba; and a PromoScience award (grant) from NSERC.


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Sea Ice - Understanding and Modelling Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere Biogeochemical Coupling in a Changing Climate

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