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Tanya Brown
PhD Candidate
University of Victoria

Tanya Brown currently works as a Program Manager for the Environmental Sciences Group at the Royal Military College in Kingston, ON. She completed an MSc in Arctic Benthic Marine Ecology at Memorial University in May 2008. Tanya?s first experience to the north was to Banks Island in 2005 for her MSc field work. Her interests have been concentrated on understanding marine communities in tropical and arctic habitats through studying the biological and physical processes of nearshore environments. She is committed to the conservation and health of marine ecosystems and is dedicated to studying the impacts of climate change on marine environments and northern communities. Presently she is involved in the Nunatsiavut Nuluak Project studying marine ecosystems in northern Labrador. She will be starting a PhD program at the University of Victoria in September ?10 (Dr. Ken Reimer and Dr. Caren Helbing, co-supervisors). Her PhD thesis will examine the effects of persistent organic contaminants, such as PCBs on the health of ringed seals from the Labrador coast.


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