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BSc in communication

After studying two years in psychology, I realised that I was more interested in public interventions rather than individual ones. The psychological processes involved in communication and social marketing is highly engaging to me and as I studied public communications to acquire knowledge in this field, I developped a strong interest in social communication and health promotion. Throughout my university years, I had the opportunity to work in an experimental medicine laboratory. I especially worked in cognitive neuroscience with a researcher interested by all cognitive processes and associated brain substrates such as attention, decision and emotions. With all this knowledge, I am able to understand and interact with different target audiences and find effective ways of communication adapted to different problems. I am currently working as a Research Assistant to the Nasivvik search Chair who "develops interdisciplinary research and intervention projects in close collaboration with Indigenous Peoples, to innovate in research, to understand the complex effects of environmental changes on health, as well as to act on prevention and promotion of northern ecosystems as a land that sustains health and well-being" (Nasivvik, 2016 : online).


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Ecosystem Approaches to Northern Health

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