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Pierre Carrier-Corbeil
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

As a member of Milla Rautio?s team, my main responsibility is to operate, maintain and improve the fatty acids quantification platform we have established. The GC-MS method and associated sample preparation protocols we developed allow for the quantification of fatty acids of diverse matrices to be used as trophic markers. I also have experience in taxonomical identification of phytoplankton, which I keep on doing for multiple research projects. In addition to these tasks, I conduct a variety of spectroscopic (CDOM and chlorophyll a) and microscopic (bacteria, nanoflagellates and picoautotroph community description) analysis for different students and partners. My most important interest in ecology is the dynamics of the phytoplankton communities. As an undergrad student, I looked at these dynamics on a seasonal scale in terms of taxonomy, abundance, biomass, diversity and productivity and tried to link those variations with the lower trophic levels such as bacteria, nanoflagellates and picoautotrophs.


Project Member

Impacts of the Changing Global Environment at Nunavut?s Northern Frontier

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Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Sciences Fondamentales
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