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Kirk Regular
Marine Geomatics
Memorial University - Marine Institute

As a spatial data analyst for 20+ years I have worked primarily in the natural resources sector. At present, I work in the marine geomatics field for the Marine Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland where I have been engaged in research and development, field data collection and processing using the most recent multibeam sonar and LiDAR technologies . Prior to this I have been the owner of a spatial data consulting business where I have worked on a variety of projects applied to fisheries management, oil and gas, and mineral exploration for both public and private industry clients. I also have worked on the development and delivery of curriculum at both the college level and privately through a partnership with an international GIS company providing sales, training and technical support. Some highlights of my career include serving as an expert witness during the prosecution of numerous fisheries violations, a planning advisor to ECRC?s response team in the event of an oil spill, serving as board member to associations representing the geomatics industry and most recently being a part of the first trans-Atlantic mapping survey under the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance.


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Integrated Marine Geoscience to Guide Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development in Frobisher Bay, Nunavut

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