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Vonda Wareham
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre

My academic training began with conservation of natural resources in terrestrial environments but evolved to marine ecosystems in the deep-sea. I have been a marine biologist at DFO since 2005 focusing on deep-sea megafauna (e.g. corals and sponges) off eastern Canada. I am interested in: coral and sponge identification (taxonomy), distribution (faunistics) and associations (symbiosis). I am also interested in investigating the functional roles benthic megafauna play in the deep-sea, and educating Canadian's of all ages on the importance and intrinsic value of our Oceans and the fascinating creatures that live within it. Current projects include: development of the Eastern Canadian Coral and Sponge Conservation Strategy; growth rates of corals (i.e. sea pens); taxonomy and species distribution of corals and sponges; predictive modeling of coral and sponge habitat; and associations with corals and sponges.


Project Member

Hidden Biodiversity and Vulnerability of Hard-Bottom and Surrounding Environments in the Canadian Arctic

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Science Branch Newfoundland
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