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Nick Brown
Carleton University

I study the changes taking place in permafrost. Perpetually sub-zero ground underlies much of the Canadian North and it is gradually warming up. As it warms, there are a number of important physical changes which take place. Some of these, like the melting of ice, can be hard to measure directly. I will be investigating techniques which use temperature records to get a clearer picture of how much change is taking place in the ground. My work will involve both computer simulation and field investigations. Before moving to Ottawa for graduate school in the fall of 2015, I lived in Yellowknife for three years working as a geologist. My work took me across the Northwest Territories and I had the good fortune to see some incredible places, and work with some very talented scientists. Prior to that, I studied permafrost and arctic resource management at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). I'm always interested in northern adventures. Last summer I canoed the Keele River with some friends, and I'd love to return to the Mackenzie mountains or explore some of the north's many parks. Get in touch if you want to plan something fun!


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Permafrost Research for Northern Infrastructures and Improved Community Life

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Carleton University
Geography and Environmental Studies
1125 Colonel By Dr
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