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Michel Allard
Université Laval

I am a professor in the geography department of Laval University and a member of Centre d'études nordiques. I have been a northern researcher since 1979. My research interest are at the convergence between Quaternary geology, coastal geomorphology, permafrost science and climatology. This explains my interest in coastal arctic regions where the landscape evolves within an heritage of deglaciation and post-glacial sea level changes and under the constraints of climate changes. Beyond curiosity driven research, I am also involved with my research colleagues into more applied studies of coastal and permafrost sensitivity to climate change in northern communities.


Project Leader

Permafrost Research for Northern Infrastructures and Improved Community Life

Project Member

Effects of Climate Shifts on the Canadian Arctic Wildlife: Ecosystem-Based Monitoring and Modelling

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Université Laval
Departement de Géographie
Pavillon Abitibi-Price, local 3109
Québec, Quebec G1K 7P4

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