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Gabriel Chiasson-Poirier
Université de Montréal

I made the choice of geography to my desire of discover the world, to approach numerous subjects, while having the possibility to have an intellectual continuity in my path. Geography for me was really a heart choice. Just as there as three year, I was a high level athlete in speed skating, an experience in which I developed a work ethic and a lifestyle discipline. My study in kinesiology in my free time of training, summers were not sufficient to fill my desire of discover and learning new subject. So I decided to retire after 12 years of training and competition, whose last 4 on the national Canadian team. I start studying at University of Montreal at the 2013 fall, and I quickly had the feeling that I made the good decision. Many projects was now opening in front of me. After organizing a conference with M. Jean Beliveau, an Ambassador of non-violence against children that literally walk around the world for eleven years, I realized how much, investing yourself in a project, can be a way of living. My project would be my study in geography. At the beginning of my second year, I chose the physical side of geography, having always been passionate and initiated very young to river canoeing. So I have decided to do an honor project in hydrology, for the last year of my bachelor. The 2015 summer has been for me, an incredible initiation to research and field work, as part of a collaborative project with Scott Lamoureux and Mélissa Lafrenière, from Queen?s University and under the direct supervision of M. Jan Franssen, professor at the University of Montreal. Our research questions was to try to find the main area of ground water discharge and to understand how work the flow in the active layer of the surficial deposit in the small watershed of the Apex river, located really close of Iqaluit city. The hydrologic processes of the continuous permafrost area are characterized by some really different dynamics than those in the south. As part of my honor project, I will analyzed this year the data of our two mouth of field word of this summer and I will produce a paper to present the project during a science day of the geography department of the University of Montreal in April. The experience will enable me to develop some really important tools and knowledge, to pursuit my study of the permafrost hydrology dynamics in a master with M. Jan Franssen, that I will begin on the summer 2016.


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Water Security and Quality in a Changing Arctic

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