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Lisa Loseto
Section Head, Ecosystem Impacts
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Freshwater Institute

Currently I lead a research team studying ecosystem impacts in the Arctic with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Winnipeg. The team focuses their research on understanding ecosystem structure, function and health and how the ecosystems respond to impacts at regional and local scales. My research on beluga health focuses on diet, contaminant exposure and the linkage to ecosystem health and ecosystem stressors. The programs I lead are carried out in close partnership with communities and co-management boards in the Western Canadian Arctic. My research has been expanding community based monitoring programs to take a holistic approach to measuring ecosystem health that includes integrating local knowledge. I obtained a B.Sc.Honours at York University in Toronto, a M.Sc. in toxicology at the University of Ottawa, where I examined methylation in Arctic aquatic ecosystems. My PhD from the University of Manitoba examined beluga diet and dietary sources of mercury. My Post doctoral research on beluga health that examined both contaminant and climate stressors.


Project Leader

Knowledge Co-Production for the Identification and Selection of Ecological, Social, and Economic Indicators for the Beaufort Sea

Project Member

Understanding the Effects of Climate Change and Industrial Development on Contaminant Processes and Exposure in the Canadian Arctic Marine Ecosystem: How Can we Prepare?

Knowledge Co-Production for Sustainability in Canadian Arctic Coastal Communities

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