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Caitlin Kenny
University of Guelph - Department of Geography

I began my university education at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, where I took a variety of business courses including Macroeconomics, International Business, and Organizational Behaviour. In two years, I completed my Business minor and then switched into the multi-disciplinary Environmental Studies program. Here, I redirected my business education to subjects such as Natural Resource Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. This program also included courses in Ecology, Geography, and course on Traditional Knowledge taught by an elder from nearby Akwesasne. Following the completion of my Bachelor?s degree, I worked as an Environmental Planner with regulatory division of BluMetric Environmental. In this role, I worked primarily with the Ontario Class Environmental Assessment for Small Hydropower, evaluations under the new CEAA 2012, and applications for permits under provincial regulations. Given the chance to further my education, I accepted the opportunity to research resource development and permitting in Northern Canada alongside Dr. Ben Bradshaw. This project has allowed me to expand my expertise Environmental Assessment, Impact and Benefit Agreements, Treaty/Land Claim negotiations, Government-to-Government agreements, and court decisions surrounding major developments. My background and current work has always heavily involved a balanced and moderate mindset that considers the needs and perspectives of all parties. This approach has its foundations in my two very different programs at the undergraduate level, but has been fostered by my experiences in consulting and research. While writing my dissertation, I am also pursuing courses in Mediation and Negotiation in order to combine my background with my affinity for working with people and solving problems.


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Mining Economies, Mining Families: Extractive Industries and Human Development in the Eastern Subarctic

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