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Patrick Lajeunesse

I am interested in the past and modern geological and geomorphological evolution of arctic coastal zones. My research work involves the investigation of terrestrial and submarine sediments and landforms using different sources of information, chiefly aerial and satellite imagery, multibeam bathymetry, acoustic sediment profiles, sediment cores and cross-sections and radiochronology. My basic scientific activities are concerned with: 1) the nature, causes and impacts of past environmental changes (glaciation/deglaciation, glacio-isostasy, climate, sedimentation, permafrost aggradation/degradation) in northern coastal zones; and 2) the response of these regions to modern environmental changes related to global warming and others factors (glacio-isostasy, sedimentation, etc.).


Project Leader

Mapping of Arctic Canada?s Seafloor: Contributions to Global Change Science, Sustainable Resource Development, Safe Navigation of the Northwest Passage, Geohazards and Arctic Sovereignty

Primary Address

Phone: (418) 656-2131 ext. 5879

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