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Jasmine Brewster
University of Manitoba

I was born and raised in Inuvik, NT. I did my undergraduate degree at Saint Francis Xavier University in a BSc, Biology, focussing on marine ecology. I am now the secretary for the ASA and in the graduate program M, Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba, and under the guidance of my supervisors Lisa Loseto and Gary Stern. My interests are in dietary bio-markers such as stable isotopes and fatty acids and alternative tracers, such as mercury in arctic coastal and marine fish. My research focuses on the fish food web at Shingle Point, NT which is part of the Tarium Niryutait Marine Protect Area, and part of monitoring programs focused on protecting beluga and preserving the Arctic ecosystems that support them.


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Understanding the Effects of Climate Change and Industrial Development on Contaminant Processes and Exposure in the Canadian Arctic Marine Ecosystem: How Can we Prepare?

Knowledge Co-Production for the Identification and Selection of Ecological, Social, and Economic Indicators for the Beaufort Sea

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