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Merran Smith
Memorial University of Newfoundland

I hale from Whitehorse, Yukon - "a land where the mountains are nameless and the rivers run God knows where". My upbringing in the subarctic has provided me with a love for the north, its peoples, communities, mountains, forests and rivers. After several summers working at a remote wilderness lodge (Dechen'La) in the Mackenzie Mountains, I was sure of wanting to work with First Nations and in an environmental field. I subsequently completed a B.A in Environmental Studies/Geography with a minor in Indigenous Studies at Bishops University in the eastern townships of Quebec. This involved writing a thesis on the integration of Yukon First Nations and traditional knowledge into resource management and land-use planning in Yukon. After a year of art school in Dawson City, I spent two years working in the area of climate change in Yukon and am currently pursuing this direction along with multiple other interests through an Msc. at Memorial University of Newfoundland.


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Knowledge Co-Production for Sustainability in Canadian Arctic Coastal Communities

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Memorial University of Newfoundland

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