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Pierre Larouche
Professeur associé
Université du Québec à Rimouski

Pierre Larouche is a research scientist in physical oceanography at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute (Fisheries and Oceans Canada. He has diplomas in physical oceanography (Rimouski, 1984) and remote sensing (Sherbrooke, 1988) and he is an adjunct professor at both universities. His research activities evolve around the use of remote sensing in oceanography to determine the existing relationships between physical and biological processes. He is the author of more than 30 papers in the diverses fields of space oceanography. In particular, he uses data from the NOAA weather satellites to measure sea surface temperatures as an indicator of physical processes (currents, upwellings, etc.) and SeaWiFS data to measure chlorophyll concentration and evaluate phytoplankton productivity. His work is conducted in the Quebec coastal waters (St. Lawrence estuary and gulf) and in the canadian arctic (Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, Beaufort Sea). Because the optical properties of these areas are complex, there a continous need to participate to oceanographic campains (NOW, CASES, Arcticnet) to validate the remote sensing data. These projects are supported by the MLI remote sensing laboratory which operates two receiving stations (MLI and Resolute Bay) allowing a complete coverage of the eastern and arctic canadian coastal waters.


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Arc3Bio (Marine Biodiversity, Biological Productivity and Biogeochemistry in the Changing Canadian Arctic)

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