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John Yackel
Professor and Head
University of Calgary

I am a sea ice geophysicist and climatologist with broader interests in atmosphere-marine/terrestrial cryosphere interactions. I have specialized in the use of microwave remote sensing (both scatterometry and synthetic aperture radar) to investigate these interactions. Doctoral research at the Center for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba culminated in 2001 under the supervision of Dr. David Barber where I focused on the use of microwave remote sensing for investigating the seasonally and spatio-temporally varying thermodynamic state of snow covered sea ice. This work was largely supported by the Canadian Ice Service of Environment Canada and is a research partnership which has evolved considerably since arriving at the Department of Geography, University of Calgary in July, 2000. I am a Network Investigator in Theme 3 -Project 3.6 (The Role of Sea-Ice in ArcticNET IRISes). I use both field and satellite based remote sensing data (primarily active microwave) to investigate these processes for the purpose of measuring, monitoring and modelling these interactions.


Project Member

Sea Ice - Understanding and Modelling Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere Biogeochemical Coupling in a Changing Climate

Primary Address

University of Calgary
Department of Geography
Earth Science 408
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Phone: 403-220-4892

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