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Sophie Renaut
PhD student - Takuvik Joint laboratory

I am a PhD student within the Takuvik joint international laboratory (CNRS/U. Laval). I am interested in the response of phytoplankton dynamics under environmental constraints in polar ecosystems. My background is in Biology (B. Sc., U. Paul Sabatier) with a Master in Oceanography (2012) from the University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris, France). My master thesis focused on the seasonal variability of fluorescence profiles from data gathered by CTD-tags deployed on elephant seals near Kerguelen Islands (Southern Ocean). I also worked on the seasonal variability of the oceanic partial pressure of CO2 in sea surface waters of the Southwest Indian Ocean. These 2 last projects included data analysis from remote sensing and in-situ data. I also worked on the response of heterotrophic organisms to hypoxic and hypercapnic environments around Mallorca island (Baleares Islands, Spain). This last project included field and laboratory work.


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Remote Sensing of Canada's New Arctic Frontier

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