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Deo Florence Onda
PhD in Oceanography

A graduate of MSc in Marine Science specializing in Marine Biotechnology at the Marine Science Institute in the University of the Philippines. Currently a PhD fellow at the Universite Laval under the Oceanography program with research funding support from the Takuvik ? Canadian Excellence Research Chair (Remote Sensing of Canada?s Arctic Frontier) and the UL through the Programme de Bourses de leadership et developpmente durable. Current research is on the taxonomic and functional diversity of chromist flagellates in the Arctic under the supervision of Dr. Connie Lovejoy and Dr. Marcel Babin. Recent research experiences were on the ecology and oceanography of harmful algal blooms including understanding community diversity succession, dinoflagellate life cycles, bacteria-algal interactions, toxicity, occurrence and genetics/genomics. Interested in applying molecular approaches (i.e. genetics/genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics) and advanced techniques in confocal laser scanning microscopy to community structure analysis, host-symbiont interactions, phytoplankton dynamics and diversity studies, molecular ecology and cell biology of organisms in the marine environment. Also interested in the development of molecular detection methods (i.e. PCR based, LAMP, hybridization) for marine organisms such as HABs.


Project Member

Arc3Bio (Marine Biodiversity, Biological Productivity and Biogeochemistry in the Changing Canadian Arctic)

Impacts of the Changing Global Environment at Nunavut?s Northern Frontier

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Connie Lovejoy

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